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#399600 by harv Sun Nov 03, 2019 6:14 am
Avoid anything to do with Khamas Capital who are posing as a Dubai entity offering investment opportunities.

Their website is here:

This should not be confused with the legitimate company Khamas Group of Investments Company and their legitimate website:

The evidence I have uncovered so far:

1. Khamas Capital is clearly using the Khamas name to present 'legitimacy" yet they only provide a mobile number and have clearly copied key details from Khamas Group of Investments Company website.

2. They present Cleto del Rosario as a representative consultant yet its clear his identity has been stolen. He is really Carlo Fancini from Immersive Bank whose photo has been stolen and a further fake Linked Page created:! (fake LinkedIn page)
The real identity with same picture!: (as you see picture stolen for the IML bank website!)

3. Further investigation reveals more fake LinkedIN pages of people that quite clearly don't exist and whose profiles on closer inspection appear inconsistent or incomplete: ... 2622b1160/ (interesting PhD at the inauspicious Oxford College of Marketing that goes into 2024!)

3. Below is an example scam email:

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: محمد ب Mohammed B. Bukhammas <[email protected]>

To: Cleto del Rosario <[email protected]>; [email protected] <[email protected]>

Cc: [email protected] <[email protected]>; [email protected] <[email protected]>

Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 3:40:36 PM GMT+1

Subject: Re: Ref-Bernhard Mattlener/ KCD Investment Proposal from your LinkedIn Contact

Asalam O Alaikum Bernhard Mattlener,

Thank you for your mail and correspondence with our Investment consultant CLETO DEL ROSARIO​.

Khamas Capital LLC is willing to partner with your company to make available funds needed for your project .

It may interest you to know that currently, Khamas Capital LLC is offering a maximum loan offer of over US$50 Billion to corporate bodies, companies, industries and entrepreneurs with profitable business idea and investment projects that can generate the required ROI, so you can draw from this opportunity.

Note that we will not be able to monitor the progress of the investment, for this reason, Khamas Capital LLC prefers and propose a platform of funding where the project funds will be approved and disbursed to your company directly as a business Loan on a 4.5% interest Rate per Annum for up to 5 to 10 years renewable tenure and you can be at liberty to re-invest the funds into the project directly.

We are interested to make available funds for projects that can generate our stipulated interest Annually, and we wish to invite your company to participate in this Entrepreneur Capitalization programme, to make available the necessary funds needed for your presented project.

After our last board deliberations, we came to a concrete decision to re-invest the fund under the management of private individuals and corporate groups within the GCC countries region, However, as Executive Director and CEO of the Company, I have my reservation and quota allocation to present 5 companies every year for funding of their projects through Khamas Capital LLC, i can present your company as one of the remaining companies this year for funding of your project, the business here is quite different from what is obtainable in the Western World and Africa.

The investment portfolios we are re-allocating are purely earnings from private and corporate investment portfolios under our direct jurisdiction.

The management as a team has decided to unanimously place our earnings in the hands of third party management experts and entrepreneurs for our private gratifications, as my direct contact person, it’s my desire to guide you through, to ensure that your allocation is approved and your proposed investment plans are funded according to your direct financial need.

As part of our procedure for consideration of project for possible funding, we expect to receive a detailed project summary and business plan for our due diligence and re-evaluation to support your bid for funding through Khamas Capital LLC, to enable our strategic/re-evaluation department issue their approval, so an appraisal can be raised by the board of directors and loan awarding committee on funding your project.

We wait to receive your project's general presentation, and If the project as presented is acceptable and within our scope of funding, we shall thus make you an offer on a very clear and precise terms.

We expect your project presentation/Business plan to be able to cover the following functional areas:

The structure or an Introduction of the project owner/initiator

- Historical evaluation of business plan (if it is an already existing project or state if it is a new project)

- Financial structure and analysis to support the investment plan and proposition as presented.

After our re-evaluation we will send you our official macro loan application form, and if your Application is approved, we will furnish you the official Investment partnership NCND MOU for your perusal and signatories, to enable us present you the official Khamas Capital LLC Fund disbursement Approval , with an official invitation to be here in UAE, to sign all the fund release documents here in our headquarters and proceed to the payment institution for disbursement of funds.


Please find our complete step by step funding procedure and requirement.

1. Client send project sumary and business plan for our re-evaluation, We review the project and conduct our due diligence. If qualified,

2. Our legal team will draft an agreement, We will send an official LOI with our official funding partnership Investment NCND MOU.

3. The client will revert with an official letter of acceptance and signed NCND MOU Agreement.

4.After receiving the NCND MOU Agreement, the project owner is required to go through a client compliance procedure which is a mandatory procedure for our company to be able to fund international projects. Documents required for compliance procedure are Certificate of Incorporation, Resolution letter stating the reason why funding is needed, Company profile and a copy of our NCND MOU agreement signed.

5. At receipt and confirmation of the compliance documents, we will furnish the client the details of the assigned processing attorney/law firm to assit them to get the relevant license needed for them to gain the vital eligibility to partner with us and receive funds from UAE without a hitch. The needed licenses are a NON-INDIGENOUS COMPANY CLEARANCE, A FINANCIAL LICENSE AND AN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT LICENSE.

6. Client will establish immediate communication with the assigned attorney who will assist them to obtain the licenses within 7 working days and who will further submit the compliance report and license documents to the authorities (UAE Central Bank) for their disbursement authorization. When we receive the disbursement authorization from the UAE Central bank within 3 working days of submitting all licenses/documents, we will submit the whole documents and authorization from the UAE central bank to our bank/local payment institution and authenticate a disbursement date with our bank.

7. After authentication of disbursement date with our bank, we will officially invite client for a closing meeting in our office here in UAE and for client to sign the final fund release document. Unless client cannot make it here then the assigned attorney will sign the fund release document on their behalf and get a power of attorney to back the release of funds up to the clients' designated account.

8. After client sign the final fund release document, we shall authorize our bank to release the funding amount through MT103 wire transfer to the designated account for the beneficiary.

9. Within 60 business days after, our team will travel to clients project destination to inspect the project progress.

If you accept our procedure, terms and conditions, kindly revert back with project BP and summary for our re-evaluation and approval.

Please confirm in return email if you can make yourself available in our disbursement location when required for the final signatories on the fund release papers and to witness disbursement of funds accordingly We will await to read from your end in return email.

I await your further correspondence.


Mohammed B. Bukhammas (Managing Director & CEO)

Khamas Capital LLC

Al Garhoud, P.O. Box:21118, Dubai,

United Arab Emirate.

Direct Line: +971 52 350 8406

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Alternative E-mail: [email protected]

Our Mission: The firm aims to target sound investments within growing markets and industries with a focus on generating steady income streams and building long lasting relationships with institutions that complement and share the KHAMAS CAPITAL LLC vision.

تهدف الشركة إلى استهداف الاستثمارات السليمة داخل الأسواق والصناعات المتنامية مع التركيز على توليد مصادر دخل ثابتة وبناء علاقات طويلة الأمد مع المؤسسات التي تكمل وتتبادل رؤية خماس كابيتال ذ.م.م.

Our Vision: Is to become a dominant investment firm in the local and regional market, focusing on a diverse range of investments that generate wealth, have a long lasting impact and create value to our communities.

رؤيتنا: هي أن تصبح شركة استثمار مهيمنة في السوق المحلية والإقليمية ، مع التركيز على مجموعة متنوعة من الاستثمارات التي تولد الثروة ، ولها تأثير طويل الأمد وخلق قيمة لمجتمعاتنا.

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