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Content preview: Good Day Ma/Sir Hello, Have you been informed about your Facebook
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0.3 MONEY_FORM Lots of money if you fill out a form
1.9 MONEY_FRAUD_8 Lots of money and very many fraud phrases
1.6 ADVANCE_FEE_5_NEW_FRM_MNY Advance Fee fraud form and lots of money
X-Spam-Flag: YES
Subject: ***SPAM*** Have you been informed about your Facebook winnings ?

Good Day Ma/Sir


Have you been informed about your Facebook winnings ?

I am so happy for you because your Facebook account has been chosen among the listed
Facebook accounts WORLWIDE that won the sum of $500,000 USD, this amount is given to
large Facebook active users and appreciate them for using our platform / service
;therefore, it is not limited to a specific country or region.

Your profile was selected by Automatic Random Machine Ballot System, whereby your
Facebook user name showed up as the 7th amongst the 13 lucky winners so your winning
prize is 100% real and legitimate.

In order to claim your winnings, you have to provide these information to re-confirm
your details in our Database so that the Facebook Board will be able to issue your
Winning Certificate and all necessary documents attached to your cash prize for you:

Full Name:

Full Home address:




Mobile Number:

Email Address:

NOTE: For your jurisdiction, here are some pictures of winners like you that have
received their cash prizes.


Note: For security reasons and due to the mix-up of some numbers and names, we ask
that you keep this notification strictly from public notice until your claim has
been processed and your money remitted. This is part of our security protocol to
avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by non-participants in the use of this
platform. "BE WARNED"

Mr. Mark Hamilton ,
Lottery Coordinator,
Head-CEEMEA Marketing Communications ,
Private email: [email protected]

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