Room for Rent and other rental scams
#402771 by young.pnw Tue Jan 07, 2020 11:04 pm
First of all, I'm thankful for this forums existence. The only way I identified that this was a scam, was because the scammers decided to use an email all the way from 2012. That email was also reported here in 2012. So to thank y'all, here is the very latest from this email.

I acknowledged receipt of your response about the furnished house share in XXXXX area, I saw few posted pics, can you share more here or via text do you know how close the farmers market is? daily, weekly or strictly summer? the closest around with fresh produce here is in summer season. As for weather, rain fell heavily here for few days last week, I enjoy the fresh smell of rain, hope no leakages in the roof ot pipes? In--case of rain? :-) lol

I will be relocating from Augusta,Maine, I won't see the unfurnished room till my arrival on Sunday 26th January, please note my timing, communal living is adaptable so far we have a mutual understanding and respect each other's personal space, also proximity of the area is conveniently located to work. I'm partially deaf, hearing impaired (deep Tinnitus) is the right term, so it's important to mention that I can't call to speak on phone, I had repeated oral doses of streptomycin given to me by a country doctor in Italy when younger, the medication was wrong which then severed my hearing, I wear only one hearing aid on my left ear – my right ear is gone - well it’s still there, just doesn’t process any sound, here's my cell number: 831-704-6729, I know SL :-), also lip read fluently, I'm trustworthy, reliable and very responsible. I'm a 28 yo professional working in the Laboratory industry as clinical Lab technician,I have worked in Clinical Development for the last 2 years as a Research Coordinator, presently, I will work as a CTA and Global Regulatory Affairs associate, I'm 5'11, blond hair and hazel eyes. Cleanliness is one of my best personal traits, I'm very hardworking and dedicated hence why I dislike lazy, messy and uncaring people, I don't smoke or do any form drugs including marijuana, I love and adore pets with a passion but I'm not coming with any, I'm liberal, straight, and pro-lgbt rights.

I'll be shipping down my Car and few artworks ,my 2016 BMW F30 335i (M
sport) and some personal effects, no furnishing. let me know how I can go about securing the place with rent/deposit, I'm sure you have potential applicants inquiring about the rental, I don't want you to rent out to them. If there's any application paperwork or rental agreement, I can easily have it filled and signed before my arrival, my references are below:

Room-mate Jennifer: [email protected]
Land-lord: Faith : [email protected]

If you rent to me, I re-assure you, your terms and conditions would be strictly adhered to, In life everything should be firm but friendly , not oatfish or obsequious as seems to be the present -day trend. Please, I do apologize if this email seem long or tardy to read, I'm just looking for a reliable place when I relocate to Washington later this month!


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