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#406207 by K.eng Tue Mar 10, 2020 4:41 pm
A few months ago I worked for a company, however I left due to the pressure and how demanding the hours were as well as safety issues. Along the way something always seemed off. They run on 12 hour shifts consecutively for four days a week, on rotation. I worked shift work before so I didn't give it much thought. Upon starting out, they ran me through the details and jumped right into working on the day without proper training and as result, I worked for 13 hours instead of 12 for about 3 days to fix faults. First sign that seemed odd, this company was in the middle of a residential zone behind houses and hard to find. I later tried to search the company and I couldn't find a single website for them (I applied on a job searching site). I couldn't even find out if they are a registered company in my country. They do tracking of container vehicles but my concern came in with the pay. The pay didn't seem worth the hours nor the nonsense from a selected few in charge of employees. They refused to give me copies of the company policies just before quitting. I continued to rather ask to speak to the actual boss in charge of the company to at least find out more information, they blatantly refused rudely. I decided to quit on the spot, I had a feeling they were going to try avoid paying me anyway. It then continued to constantly asking for the money that I did work for, until I just gave up on it. About two months later they sent a very minimal deposit, so I accepted it and brushed it off as I was tired of the run around. A month later, I received a full deposit. At this point, I had moved and was desperate for the money. Everything had been turned into a major stressor. I tried to understand it for a while but I suppose the stress got to my head and didn't think to query it. So I had already used some of the money to support myself and my small family. Two weeks later, I get a message saying that I basically stole this money because it was sent to me by mistake and I didn't bother to ask about it. They said I have to pay the money pack within two months, at least half per month as well as 25% interest per month. I just wanted to get the issue over with so I absently signed the forms until it dawned on me that this doesn't sound like the first time. One of their excuses for not being able to pay me before was that they "were waiting for someone to pay them." I'm now concerned that I have been scammed because to wait 2 weeks to ask for the money that they sent by "mistake" seems almost like they were giving it time to be spent so they can go through with this to get interest, especially considering the interest rate seems unreasonably high. If someone can shed some light on this for me, that would be much appreciated and if I have been scammed, what can I do about this?

#406209 by AlanJones Tue Mar 10, 2020 5:24 pm
We only deal with advance fee fraud scams committed online, not with complaints about actual jobs where you physically went to work.

I suggest that you get in touch with the relevant authorities in your country and seek advice from them.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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