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Dearest beloved in the Lord,

I am Mrs.Christine Marran,a 75 years old woman,i am from United Kingdom England,i was born an orphan and GOD blessed me abundantly with riches but no children,i am not a happy woman because i have no husband and children,my husband died 21 years ago.i affected with cancer of the lung and breast i also had partial stroke which has affected my speech.I can no longer talk well and half of my body is paralyzed, i send this email to you with the help of my private female nurse who is typing my request at India cancer research facility.

My condition is really deteriorating and is quite obvious that i may not live more than 3 weeks, because the cancer stage has gotten to its 3rd stage.After my Doctor Notice, i have decided to divide part of my fortune by contributing to the Charities & Motherless.

I don't know you but i am contacting you with the hope that,you will be able to carry out my wish for the sake of humanity.i am willing to donate the sum of ?10,500,000.00,Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand,Great Britain Pound to the poor through you.I have also made some cash donations to orphanage children in somalia, Syria,Ethiopian,Cambodia,Philippines,south Sudan and some in south Africa and Europe.

If you are willing and able to do this task for the sake of humanity then send me below information for more details to receive the funds.

1. name.............................

2. phone number.....................

3. address..........................

May GOD guide you.

Mrs.Christine Marran .

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