Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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To: Recipients <[email protected]>
From: W.H.O <[email protected]>
Subject: COVID-19 Impact - DONATE NOW
Date: Thu, 23 Apr 2020 20:53:41 +0100
Reply-To: [email protected]

We are all affected by the growing COVID-19 pandemic. It's an unprecedented health challenge and we know people and organizations everywhere want to help. The World Health Organization is leading and coordinating the global effort, supporting countries to prevent, detect and respond to the pandemic. The greatest need right now is the help ensure all countries are prepared, especially those with the weakest health systems.

Donations support our work to ensure patients get the care they need and front-line workers get essential supplies. Now you can help by donating any amount.

Get back to us on how to make a donation.

Dr Eduardo Guerrero
Unit Chief, Health Determinants and Social Policy
WHO Regional Office
Washington, DC, USA

DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY TOWARD ANY STRANGER via EMAIL, SMS or MOBILE. (Avoid any free mailing service which is most likely be fraud user)

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