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#413003 by Carlabanker Mon Jun 29, 2020 9:32 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

For monetization of IBOE

There are three options:

1. They offer JVA to clients and only accept to work on files which the asset owner agrees to a trade profit split whereby trader takes 30%, asset owner takes 30%, JVA partners takes 30% and facilitators 10%: shared equally with trader's side closed meaning that we all will be on client side. LTV range is 20-40%. They offer a multi step trade starting with 10 days bullet trade with yield of 200% followed by two consecutive 30 days bullet trade if available with yield of 800% then the 40 weeks program with yield of 80-100%.

2. They will not give any information regarding LTV or yield until after receiving submission of KYC and the file has passed compliance process.

3. The other group a contact has access to will only accept IBOE already in Bloomberg. LTV range is 30-50%. If client cannot place on Bloomberg they can assist as long as client pays for it. Cost is 0.5% of face value. Yield information available on receiving readiness on part of the client.

Do let me know what you want to do going forward and if you choose to take the JVA option then I will send you JVA documents for completion and signing along with a step by step guide to trade.

Yours truly,
Richard Manville
[email protected]

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