Scams offering fake Au Pair positions
#413613 by AlanJones Sat Jul 11, 2020 11:33 pm
From: UK Application Unit - [email protected]
Cc: [email protected]


We have acknowledged the content of your mail.

Your intending employer and host family Mrs. Kristen Sloan consulted our office concerning his desire and your intention/ application to be their Aupair in London, UK; which he has already applied for and we have taken your application a priority as demanded by your employer.

The UK Immigration Unit is responsible for securing and controlling relocation and security of Applicants in the United Kingdom. My name is Barr. Mrs. Beatrix Horace a representative of the UK Immigration Unit for Nannies/Au pairs/ Baby sitters and private workers.

We handle all the issues of Legal Registration of Aupairs/ Nannies, Work Application, migration/Border and Clearance/ security of contract in the UK etc.

We are fully aware that you are a XXX citizen residing in XXX and intend to work for your employer Mrs. Kristen Sloan who lives at 38 Hemstal Rd, London NW6 2AJ, UK

In other to back up this contract legally and for you to receive all your privileges from your employer such as: the stated pocket money per week (500GBP), Health Insurance (In case it becomes necessary) presumed and subsidiary privileges and safety etc.

You are required to be fully registered and your name will be included in the benefide list of aupairs coming to work here in UK. You have to show a mandatory financial stability demonstration that you are legible to work here in London as an au pair with the full knowledge/ witness and support of any of your relative or close friend that has a different surname with you in XXX or else where.

Aupair Registration/ Biometric Residence Permit: This is to certify that your name will be included in the benefide list of aupairs coming to work here in UK and that you have a stable finance and that you can be responsible to carter and for your maintenance as mandated by UK Insurance policies to protect and secure Aupairs in (Europe) and outside but relocating to London financially; and for you to receive all the privileges such as wages/Salary, Health Insurance. The mandatory insurance and registration guarantee is £1500GBP (One Thousand Five Hundred Great Britain Pounds Sterling).

Consequently, to this mail is attached the "Criminal Record Check (CRC)" from the UK Solicitors Regulation Authority
working in collaboration with the Au pair Bureau Community to ascertain that you are crime free in your present location.
You have to fill it up and attach to the mail. Due to the recent global crime rate it is mandated that you fill the form which will be scrutinized here and undergo proper perusal. Get back to me with the filled Consent Form for proper perusal and documentation, Scanned copy of the deposit receipt and send it to me for verification process together with the filled Au pair registration application form and the signed contract agreement letter.

This form is required to be processed here in the UK alone by the Solicitor Regulation Authority and not in any other country.
This verification would be made in the Security/Soliciting Department in the Au pair Bureau Community Office together with the deposit receipt.

Note: This is NOT a payment but a deposit to ensure the validity of your contract application in which after you can withdraw back within 72 hours after verification process here in the Home Office, or on your arrival to the UK for the resumption of duties at your discretion.

You are required to submit the requirements instructed within 3 to 5 working days, there-after we will commence with the expedite processing of your au pair working papers and your name will be included in the benefide list of au pairs coming to work here in the UK subsequently.

This demonstrates that you will be capable of taking care of yourself within the period of your arrival until you receive your first salary/ wages from your employer Mrs. Kristen Sloan's family and note that you are not paying this money to anyone else, the deposit will be made in your name as the receiver here in the UK while your relative or friend that has a different surname with you will be the sender from your home country or else where.

Scan and attach the Money Gram/RIA deposit receipt to your mail and get back to me for verification and confirmation process here in the Home Office.

Fill the ''Consent (C.R.C) form'' and leave any space or PART you do not understand in the form blank, your employer demands that I should help you fill them properly. This is for the expedite processing and registration of your name and for the validity of your application.

Your salary/ wage/ income are all tax free as your employer will take care of your taxes, insurances etc.

Note: This should be done on or before 2 to 3 working days and get back to me for the validity of your application.
There- after, we will commence with the expedite processing of your Au pair working papers and your name will be included in the benefide list of Au pairs coming to work here in UK subsequently.

Cooperate with us to enable us serve you better.

Your safety is our priority.

UK Immigration Unit
Office 2.21 Spaces, Lewis
Building 35 Bull Street Birmingham
B4 6EQ United Kingdom
Application: [email protected]
(UK Visas and Immigration Representative)

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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