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Dear beloved Friend

I am Susan Maria Dieci, the wife of Paolo Dieci who founded the European
NGO International Committee for the Development and Contractor with
Turkish Government on construction of metro rail. He is among the people
who died untimely in an Ethiopian Air crash of the month march 2019.

You can view this web site for your perusal to find the name of my late
husband , I am in pain and currently devastated . I have been diagnosed
with cancer ,I am living in pains and fighting effortlessly to live a
normal life but all to no avail. I write to you, having sourced your
address from an online charity email database.
However before the death of my husband my family had a joint account and
deposited the sum of USD7,500,000 with a Bank . I am doing this because
I have less than 6 months to live as a human. I therefore need a
reliable person to champion my course by receiving this funds for
reinvesting and for the help of charity only. you can receive the funds
as my next of kin and assist me in distributing it to the less
privileged but you must be honest ,do not bother responding if you are
not honest or sincere. If you are interested, please send a reply for
further details.

Sincerely Kinds Regards

Mrs Susan Maria Paolo Dieci
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