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#420589 by FishyMails Thu Nov 26, 2020 11:17 pm
From: ojuolapei niyi <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 11:33:50 +0000
Subject: Good news from United National Humanitarian Agency

From the desk
Mr.Niyi Ojuolape
United Nations Development Programme House
No.7 Ring Road East, Near Fire Service
Castle Accra.

Position: Director
United Nations Population Fund UNFPA,
National Agency for the Control AIDS (NACA)

Dear Beloved Friend

First and foremost, I do seek your interest about a business
relationship that will be off help to my family and your family if
honesty reflects between both of us.

I am Mr.Niyi Ojuolape.now the appointed Resident Representative United
Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Ghana International Affairs for
Refugee Movement on lost family treasure of Asylum children in all
refugee camp in West Africa, I am the person that deal with united
nation about humanitarian help, before refugee kids, father and Mother
are allow to enter into any West Africa country for help, I will be
notify first and what kind of treasure they are bringing in with them,
if is ok by me I will grant entrance permit to the United National
Humanitarian Agent to bring them inn but if is not by I will refuse
the offer..

I want to relate with you, about some huge amount of money now in your
country,the said amount belong to a very rich asylum boy, by age
18years, who his boxes was miss load into another plane that was not
going the same direction the boy is going, so I was contacted to help
in getting the boxes for the poor as my position, but the poor
secretly review the content of his boxes to be, which is $45millionusd
cash money, and at the moment the said boxes is now in the strong room
of our consulate in your country , awaiting my decision before they
will redirect the boxes back to Ghana or back to the place when the
boxes are coming from.

Sharing will be deliberated on good faith between me and you. For your
information the united Nation those not know the value of the boxes,
and our United National Humanitarian Agents know nothing about the
content of the boxes,all he knows is loss property belonging to
Refugee boy coming from Sudan, so is highly confidential between you,
me and the small boy.

I will stop here, until I hear from you before I provide you the
procedure on how you can help in getting these boxes over there for
Sincerely, yours
Mr.Niyi Ojuolape

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