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Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 16:52:00 +0000
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This is Mr Andrew Douglas from western union office I hope this
message finds you in good health as well as your family.This is to
inform you that the western union office has finalized the releasing
of your funds to you through our great service western union money
transfer as it was instructed by the IMF office in conjunction with
the FBI after our last meeting about the release of your fund.

We wish to inform you that your first payment of $5,000 dollars has
been successfully sent on your name this morning through our great
service western union and below is the information which you can use
to pick up your payment.

Note, that the transfer was placed on hold due to the Western Union
Authorization charge of $50 which you are to pay in order for the
payment to be completed, The other necessary processes has been
completed and the payment will be released on hold once the Western
Union Authorization charge of $50 is paid.

Be informed that the payment is currently Available in your name and
you can also track it online with the sender name or the MTCN number
to view the transfer status but remember that you can not be able to
pick it at any western union store because it was placed on hold due
to the Western Union Authorization charge of $50 like i already
explained to you.

Find below the information you would need in order to pick up your
first payment of $5,000. You can also track your payment online with
the link below to view the status of the transfer or visit
https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/self ... cktransfer and
cue in the MTCN number correctly to view your payment status.

(1) Sender's Name: Joseph Ndiaye

(2) MTCN Number: 290 893 1570

In conclusion, I want to let you know that you have the very
opportunity to receive your first payment of $5000 today by sending
the $50 through western union or money gram transfer for the Western
Union Authorization charge. The payment will be released and will be
ready for you to pick up at any western union location as soon as we
confirm the $50 payment for the Western Union Authorization charge.

We expect to hear from you
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of $50usd

Email Contact ( [email protected] )

Be rest assured that you will confirm your payment within 1hr-45m of
receiving the $50 payment and for your information,No body has the
right to deduct or Added to the value of the funds due to it being
pounded with Insurance policy. The instruction is from the Federal
ministry of Finance.

I await your urgent response as soon as you read this message.

Mr Andrew Douglas
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