Scams re-targeting those who have already been victimized
#421354 by FishyMails Mon Dec 14, 2020 6:23 pm
From: "António Guterres" <[email protected]>
Date: 2020-12-05 3:39:51 PM -06:00

United Nations Secretary General
405 East 42nd Street,New York,10017-3599,
United States of America.
wire transfer/ audit unit.
Our Ref:un/wb/ap/xxx/02/2020.


I got your email stating you are willing and ready to receive your fund valued sum US$25M. Well, regards to Mr. Rick Jones is taking care by the UN interpol and legal account follows.

I have a very busy schedule of duties here that was why you have not heard from me. Also you said you can not travel to Canada to pick up your fund, Or you are ready to pay for the wire transfer into your bank account directly since you can not travel. As you can see your fund was shortlisted for payment now. You are aware that it has been long you have been working hard to get your fund. You could not get your fund from us due to your inability to make the necessary payment for the transfer. This is the last chance you have to receive your fund. You have two options right now, either you transfer to Canada and see things yourself and get it done or you want a wire transfer into your bank account within 48 hours of payment.

Meanwhile, I would like to know if you are willing and ready to travel and pick up your fund. We are doing this for your safety and smooth delivery to avoid money Laundering going on in the world, even your country. But it is better and easier for you to go and pick it up. Our Fiduciary agent will help you lodged the money in TD Bank Canada Montreal. This will help you to make a transfer to your bank account immediately without any delay. You are not sending any money to us here. But you are required to go with you the sum of US$15,000 only for documentation and clarification. You will hand him over the money to him. Also go with him immediately to the bank for the opening of the account and your fund will be transferred to you without any delay. Or once you can not travel at the moment we can get your fund valued US$25M to you through wire transfer into your bank account once you pay up the required fee of US$5,400 only. You do not need to send any money for you to have your fund. This is the only two safer ways you can have your long overdue fund for many years. Anything short of this, you will have to forget about your fund and you will lose it completely. You can never receive a cent from anywhere in the world without this office. I will not contact you again. We will not hesitate to cancel your fund completely.
It is a matter of choice right now. You make your choice and get back to me for further action.

If you insist that you want to travel. have to wait till flight starts moving and prepare yourself and ready to get this done for your good.

However, You get back to me immediately for us to commence the processing into the computing system and get ready for the delivery. We will do everything that will lead to carrying out your fund. We are not asking you to send on this. You should send to us your direct phone so that the fiduciary agent will call and let you know when he will leave and arrive in Canada. This is very important. Then you work on traveling to get this done now for your good interest right. Your information sent to us has no phone number. When you get to Canada get a sim card, it is not expensive so that you can call him to meet him as well. Or you want the wire transfer if you can not travel at the moment, then ready so that we can get it done as soon as possible for your own good interest. All is in your hands right now, so make your choice bearing in mind that all modalities have been put in place to release your long overdue fund. You have suffered and are looking to receive your funds for many years. We have it recorded here with us.

You get back to me for us to know the next line of action to be taken on your fund right now.

Waiting your urgent response for further action.

Attached below is a copy of my ID card.

Yours Faithfully


Important: Any email messages I have posted here are scams. Don't reply to these messages or click on any links. Please do not tell these criminals that their messages are posted here.

#421390 by Wiljames Tue Dec 15, 2020 8:12 pm
I also received one but he communicates with António Guterres <[email protected]> and
U.N. Secretary-General <[email protected]>

Wed, Oct 7, 8:06 AM

Our Ref: WB/FN/UN/WX307


ATTENTION: Beneficiary

This is to officially inform you that your Inheritance fund worth the sum of $30million dollars has arrived John F Kennedy International Airport New York after we the World Bank and United Nation has decided to make the fund gets to you through Cash delivery due to the Internet and online Banking Fraud that is going on in the global world now. And as we speak to you now, your fund has arrived in New York as their transit. I want you to know that you have 48hours to call him now with this line (+1 929 341 3327) or email ( [email protected] ) and he will contact you with his official email, then ask to speak to the diplomatic deliveryman in the person of Mr. Brett Dauglas in the United States.

Let us know if you are still interested to get your two trunk boxes delivered to you today? As he has been waiting to hear from you to enable him to get to your home address without missing his way. For your information, the deliveryman with your package is not aware of the content of the boxes for security purposes. Please do not inform him of the content of the Boxes to avoid running away with your funds. On no account should you let him know about the content of the consignment to avoid evil intention? Most importantly you are advised to send your full data to him, which include

Full Name.....
Current home address.....
Direct Cell Phone#.....
The nearest airport to your home address …..

To enable him to know that you are the rightful owner of the Consignment Boxes to avoid delivering the Consignment to the wrong person.

Note that you must call him as soon as you receive this email for more verification and discussion, Also reconfirm your full current address and valid phone number to the Delivery officer via his above email address once you receive this email to enable him to deliver your cash consignment boxes to your house without any further delay or mistake. You are advised not to waste his time at the airport so that he would not be stranded in any way because he will return if he finds out that you are not doing anything to get him over to your house.

Antonio Guterres
Director-General United Nation

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