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#417690 by MaxProffett Fri Sep 25, 2020 11:06 pm
Offerd a $10 mil loan. It was set up on a Metamask Ethereum account which was given to us. They then requested payments to liquidate the $10 mil. Payments were made via crypto and direct payments to two bank accounts in Slovakia. Accounts were in the name of Transfer Technologii at Tatra Bank and Anna Paulickova at Prima Banka. After paying a significant amount of money we discovered that they had set up a token called US Dollars that has zero value.

The scam was operated by Joachim Lutz with email address [email protected]

Some of the people we dealt with are (likely not their real names and probably the one person using different identities )
Chester O’laughlin +90 5369146023
Ed Lampl +31684157636
Alexander Winn +905525334662
Unknown name +31687531374
Raymond Damon or Damon Earl +33758100890
Andora Tech +31 687672237
Euro Liquidators +31687786188
Charles George +905369146023

Ethereum envelop address: 0x0d20246d1478f3F33248331D93082c60ee84390a

Whatever you do don’t engage with these sophisticated scammers.

#421928 by MaxProffett Tue Dec 29, 2020 5:16 pm
Police in Slovaki have launched a fraud investigation into Transfer Technologii. If you are also a victim please report it to the Police.
Another person working for Transfer Technologii is Jimmy Scantland contact number +33753029173

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