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#423771 by Carlabanker Sun Feb 21, 2021 3:28 pm
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Small cap trade with a Tier One trader registered with the US FED.
Client provides 425k euros or equivalent in USD, to a preselected registered US Paymaster.
Client is provided with a 250m Bank Draft and a bank guarantee of 500k euros. If the transaction doesn't start in 30 days from receipt of funds, the client can cash the bank guarantee (BG). The BG is issued in the name of the client. The worst case is if the transaction doesn't happen the client can redeem the BG for 500k euros giving the client a minimum guaranteed return of 75k euros. This program has been active for two years and a client has never had to cash the BG because each client went to trade. The BG is provided for added protection.
The Bank Draft is monetized at 70%. 175m goes into trade.
The trade pays 100% per month, 70% net to the Investor (€122M Net monthly). 20% goes to the Issuing Bank (either HSBC UK or Barclays). 10% to the Provider and Intermediaries. The Issuing Bank has a serions vested interest in the transaction happening rather than just receiving a minimal fee, up front, for the issuance of a Bank Draft.
After two months the client will be offered the option to place some or all of their proceeds into a bullet program that will greatly increase the proceeds to the investor. The bullet is currently providing a net to the client of 700% a month.
Even during this pandemic, the Provider said it will only take two calendar weeks from receipt of the wire by the Paymaster to start the trade. The first payout is 30 days after the trade starts. Once the trade starts, there is no need for a BG any longer.
To start client needs to provide a CIS, Passport copy and proof of funds. Once the client has submitted their package, they will receive a call with the Provider within 48 hours. Once approved the group provides the client with full transparency.

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