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#423596 by Carlabanker Wed Feb 17, 2021 4:52 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

• Entrance with 250 K USD/EUR minimum Small Cap Entry, which
goes into a “Big Cap" Buy-Sell type trade (2- 8 trades daily). 20 M
max. entry.
• Client cash asset secures a leased 1000 X SBLC from a Top-Rated
• The 12% lease fee is taken out of the client’s first payout. The
leased instrument will be monetized at 50%.
• In case of a minimum “entrance fee” of 250 K the face value of the
leased instrument will be 250 M USD/EUR. The platform then
guarantees they will return at least 40%, giving the client a
minimum of 50 M USD/EUR per month for 10 months.
• Clients funds need to be moved to an attorney trust account in the
US, UK or Germany. Initial Funds are 100% insured by a subsidiary
of Lloyd's of London.
• Once the client is accepted by compliance, they will receive a call
from the trade group. All details will be provided, and all questions
answered. When the client accepts the terms, it is put on a fast
track to trade.
• REQUIRED DOCS: To proceed submit KYC no more than 3 days old
(wet blue ink signatures and 2 banker business cards), plus client(s)
letter of exclusivity.
• Contact for more details:

Email: [email protected] / whatsapp/Signal: +254712608090

#424231 by Carlabanker Wed Mar 10, 2021 9:19 am
his new scam:

This is for cash funds or backed MTNs and other financial instruments held at HSBC London, top
10 banks in London or top banks in the USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Caribbean
and Worldwide for private placement funding of your capital & humanitarian investments.
1. ONE DAY (5X)" PRIVATE PROGRAMS for funds available at HSBC bank, and the top 10 banks
in London
2. 3% ADVANCE-Paid three banking days after receipt, verification and acceptance of Swift
MT799 confirmation of Administrative Hold. Payment is 3% of the amount on Hold.
3. 10 DAY BULLET TRADE10 banking day Bullet trade returning 200% net to client-- of the
amount on Admin Hold.
4. 30 DAY BULLET TRADE Paid weekly over 30 banking days, with the first payment 5 banking
days following the 10 banking days Bullet Trade. Total return is 800% net to client -- of amount
on Admin. Hold.
5. 40 WEEK TRADE (Optional)Client receives 100% net weekly over 1-year term, 40 Week trade
based on -- amount on Admin. Hold; with first payment occurring 5 banking days following the
30-Day Bullet Trade.
6. 3 to 5 YEAR EVERGREEN TRADE Client will receive 50% of total return, paid on a Weekly Basis
over the term of a 3 to 5 Year Evergreen Trade. The first payment is 5 banking days after the 1-
year term 40-Week Trade.
It is neither mandatory nor necessary for the client to reinvest profit returns from the Bullet
Trade programs in the next step of the MULTI AGGRESSIVE, but they have the option to roll
over the profits over, thereby greatly increasing their profit returns. Returns are net to client.
The trader fulfills the client's obligation to fund humanitarian projects
REQUIREMENTS:100M USD, EURO or GBP Minimum. Trader may make exceptions for funds
exceeding 5B or heritage funds. Cash funds held in top banks in HSBC bank, the top banks in
London, USA, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Caribbean and Worldwide. Cash
backed MTNs and other banking & financial instruments also accepted. Clients must be able to
instruct their bank to put an Administrative Hold on their account for a period of one year and
one month for the benefit of the trader. The Administrative Hold is to be confirmed by the
client's bank via a SWIFT MT799 as instructed by the client--- after signing a trade contract.
Euroclear & DTC Admin hold also accepted.

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