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#428306 by Michelle Tue Sep 28, 2021 3:55 am
Barr. Nathaniel Noah <[email protected]>

Betreff: Fill Complete The Application Letter Bellow And Send It To The Bank Today Please

I am a humble and serious person in my life and yes for sure with good support and assistance from you to me in this transaction we both shall achieve this money quickly from the bank without any stress ok.

Please i sincerely count on your total support to me in this project give to me your perfect assistance as you have said and assured to me today help me completely in every aspects in this transaction do not betray me or disappoint me along the process please so that we can easily achieve the funds quick and easy from the bank , This money is 100% clean and genuine and please you have all the right now to remove fear and lies in this transaction because fear is the enemy of every successful business, I have my trust in you and I counted on you very well that is why I brought this transaction in full to share with you today, I am a well honored citizen in my society with my degree I know the implications of law breakers so please understand if this transaction is not genuine and legit I will not involved myself in it, Please and please I hope you have fully accepted and agreed to assist me in all and every aspects in this transaction and cooperates with rules and regulations from the bank to proclaim your interest in the bank genuine for you and me to successfully receive these funds from the bank without no stress and delay.

Dear Please I want you to know that to achieve this money today with you from the bank is my priority, I don’t want any disappointment please but if it is your plan to betray me or disappoint me in this transaction when the funds is approved and about to pay into your bank account in your country by the bank executives is very better for you to stop and call it a quite now because I never introduced this transaction to you for you to disappoint me or betray me please let us handle this transaction peaceful with pure heart and achieve it together with trust and believe with the fear of God Almighty because it so important to me with the profits and legit.

I thank you once again for your good understanding and concerns towards my contacted to you seeks for your credible assistance i am so glad to received your full assurance information’s today as I requested with your good understanding to me in this mail and your prompt response also thanks i appreciate, Please kindly check attachment file to view my National Identity Card as well for real and for sure sincerely.

Please understand that your 100% sincere assistance to me in this transaction will make things to work out for good between me and you with our entire family now and in future through this transaction.

As a matter of fact note that the fund can only be approve for payments to a foreigner trustee bank account holder like you, So that is the major reason why i have contacted you here today because for both of us to achieve this money from the bank is so easy,risk free and much profits only if you can believe and give me your complete assistance.help as I have requested which you have promised today.

I am very happy to transact with you because i believed you can never betray me or disappoint me in any aspects in this transaction and I understood very well that you are an honest person who knows and has realized the value of mutual businesses in profits and i know also that you have understand very well the truth part of this transaction to achieve this money from the bank.

I believed also that yes you are matured enough and capable to handle this fund and be able to co-operate with all rules and instructions from the bank to maintain your claim/request genuine in the bank for the bank authorities to believe you for you to perfectly receive these funds from the bank custody into your bank account in your country without any failure.

I only thank God who has made us to come across to know each other today through this transaction and i pray also for the Lord to offer you the complete courage with the strength to obey the bank instructions and seek advice's from me so that the bank board of directors will confide their complete trust on you as the real principal owner of the funds in the bank and they will quickly approve the transfer payment of the fund to your own name alone in the bank without any failure as the sole beneficiary. This is so important to me/us and it is the major reason why we are into these communications today.

Now I have written and sent the letter of authorization to the bank on your behalf, I am very sure that your full name with your identities has already been known and confirmed to the bank authorities and board of directors in the head office at this moment.

Please Dear, i want you to understand that i am doing this transaction with you with my pure heart and in a very safety way because I believed you will not betray or disappoint me in this transaction in any aspects and I am so sure very well that you are ready honestly to co-operate with me and handle any cost of expenses that will involve in this transaction for backing up the transfer payments of the funds into your bank account in your country without any failure.

You have made me to confide my trust much in you after I received your email today you sent to me here and i know also that you are going to give me your maximum assistant required in this transaction as you have legally shown much love and concerns to my contacts to you to receive this money in your account from the bank custody for sharing between you and me and for crucial investments purposes.

Get back to me as immediately you contact the bank today Please update me here for further process to achieve this fund and more advice from me here.

Now I want you to copy the Text Of The Application Letter bellow fill it complete and send it to the bank now through the bank email address contacts as follow: ( [email protected] )


The Contact Person (Transfer Director): DR. SANFO KABORE.
Bank Tel. No: +226 01 73 62 40
Bank Fax: +226 66 74 56 89
E-mail: [email protected]

Director Of Foreign Operation Department English Section.

I Humbly Hereby Apply As A Trustee Partner And The Next Of Kin To Late Mr Floyd Tarantino. I Am Putting Claim Over His Balance Of ($9.000, 000, 00 Million Dollars) From His ACCOUNT NUMBER (BOA) NADB4934109 And ROUTING NO: 66602.

Please Let Me Know The Legal Procedures For Transferring The Said Fund Into My Bank Account. Your Kind Assistance In Providing Urgent Consideration And Reply My Application Will Be Appreciated.


Account Holder: Mr Floyd Tarantino
Account Number: NADB4934109
Routing Number: 66602a
Amount: $9,000,000,00 USD

Yours Sincerely................

Your Phone Number..................

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