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#432803 by Michelle Mon Apr 25, 2022 6:26 am
From: Ethan George <[email protected]>

Thank you once again for your response, it really shows your
seriousness to join us as my daughter's Au pair and you are free to join
us at your convenient time.

Your main duty is to take good care of my daughters, keep their room
tidy, making their bed, dusting and changing their sheets weekly, you need
to do their ironing and keep their clothes clean and tidy, you will also
be required to make their light meals, take them to the parks because
my daughters like visiting the park and most especially have FUN with
them. Emily and Lola will be so excited to have you around and they will
definitely fall in love with you.

My daughters go to school from 9 am to 4 pm which means they stay 7 hours
in school so all you need to do is to take them to school when it is
9 am then come back and take care of your own needs and when it is 4 pm
you will be required to go and pick them up. If you are interested in
the English class I have made some inquiries because there is a nearby
English class that is very close to our house so if you are interested
I will take you there and register you upon your arrival then the cost
will be paid for by me, the English class last for just 2 hours from
Monday to Friday. Your free days will be two Saturdays in a month and
every Sunday off.

I have made an inquiry on how to get the approval of your au pair
placement here in the UK because my friend told me that the best way is to
get you registered fully as an au pair with the Au pair application office
so as to enable you to enjoy all au pair rights and benefits and they will also
procure all documentation needed for your arrival, I believe that in my next
email I would be able to give you all the information I have gathered to enable
us expedite the process and will support you in any way I can.

Considering the fact that I have taken you like my daughter’s Au pair, I
have some questions for you hoping to receive an urgent answer from
you soon.

* Why did you decide to be an Au pair?

* What did you your family or friends say about your decision?

* Look around your room, can you describe it for me?

* What excites you the most about coming here?

* When was the last time you were sick?

* Do you smoke or drink too much alcohol?

* In your own decision, can you tell me the specific date when you
will be available to join us as Emily and Lola's Au pair and how long
do you intend to live with us as their Au pair?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. attached here are some pictures
of my family please send us more pictures of you I will apply with
Au pair office to get you registered. I will like you to
download skype to enable us to have closer communication and send your skype id.

Kisses and hugs from Lola and Emily.
Best regards.

From: Ethan George <[email protected]>

I'm so delighted about receiving your message with answers to my questions. I'm also excited that our communication is becoming a fruitful one and I’m seriously interested to host you as my daughter’s Au pair, you sound so polite and honest and I love that.

Proceed to fill out the attached application form and email to the application office email address stating your willingness to work for my family (Ethan George)

Email: [email protected]

Let me know when you are done filling out the application form and email it to them, Emily and Lola send you kisses and hugs as we look forward to having you here soon. Please add me on skype with live:.cid.c195d443ba10f16d

In this Scam you will eventually be asked to pay for non-existent visas and other documentation . Once you have paid, the criminal will continue to ask for more money for anything he can think of !

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