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#435248 by Carlabanker Tue Jul 05, 2022 6:01 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

I am working directly with A Monetizer who can Monetize Venezuelan
Bonds, German Bonds , Brazilian LTN, Chinese Gold Bonds, MTN's SBLC,
IBOE's, or Bank Drafts of any Amount, Copper Isotope, Gemstones and
all sorts of Historical Assets through His Platform in Wisconsin.

He is also The Vice President of one of The top Tier PPP Platform in
The United States and can Put Client's Funds into Trade with A Bank
Comfort Letter (BCL) without Funds leaving The Client's Account ,He
can also assist Client to open an Account in The Trading Platform Bank
to be used to raise A BCL (Bank Comfort Letter) for the interested
Investor with an MT799 POF Swift without Blocking The Funds before
putting Client's Funds to Trade with His Platform. Funds remains
inside Client Account without moving with an Admin Blocking to Trade
with The Funds Blocked inside Client's Bank Account which must be Top
50 Banks in The World.

Let Me know if You have any serious Client with Historical Assets that
are currently seeking A Monetizer for their Venezuelan Bonds, German
Bonds , Brazilian LTN, Chinese Gold Bonds, MTN's SBLC, IBOE's, Copper
Isotope, Gemstones or Bank Drafts and I can link You directly with The
Monetizer in WI for a direct and faster communication.

My Monetizer takes care of my own commission as I am Direct to Him, I
am on his side for receiving Commissions.

I am not part of The 5% of The LTV commission that My
Monetizer/Platform is paying to all intermediaries on The Client side
if You bring forward the right Client for proceedings.

Kind Regards.

Mehdi T.

Calgary- Alberta.


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