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#441345 by Carlabanker Tue Oct 10, 2023 5:39 am
Scammer and time waster with a fanciful financial opportunity.

Nonrecourse loan or PPP program for BTC Owner ( File has attached for program detail )

Minimum BTC value of $100M USD No movement of BTC BTC can stay in the Client's current Wallet. BTC trading Requirements:

1. Provide full KYC 2. Proof of Coins – POC. A screenshot of BTC Wallet showing the asset.
3. Proof of Life – POL. 4. Video showing the applicant's face and keeping his passport with today's newspaper circulated on a red date and first page of KYC with viable Transaction Code. After the applicant shows how to log in to his wallet with his BTC in it (keeping his login credentials private of course). Please make sure the quality of the video is good so the Passport Number and Transaction Code in KYC can be readable. Procedure: 1. Compliance takes 2-3 days, and once approved, a Platform Officer will contact the Client and provide a verbal proposal. 2. Trader issues a contract
3. Signing the Contract
4. Issuing a Line of Credit. 5. Trade starts based on BTC valued every week from the BTC market price. 6. Every Friday Client needs to send a screenshot of his wallet as proof of the assets he possesses. The lack of weekly screenshots immediately stops a trade.
7. Profits are paid weekly to the client’s existing bank account. Profits will be paid weekly for 40 weeks in USD, Euros or BTC

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