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#46532 by Deana Sun Feb 13, 2011 3:23 pm
Hi...I live in Ontario Canada and I am a current victim of "Eddie Butierrez" I do feel sorry for the poor man who's picture is being posted around the world and being used in this thing...his current e-mail address that I have is Eddie%[email protected]...he claims to be 37 years of age...widowed...wife died of cancer with a five year old daughter named Rose...he said he was raised in Connecticut and has lived in Austin Texas for the last 11 years...he claimed to have a mechanical engineering degree which seemed funny since he couldn't string a full sentence...I met him on the Bazoo site...he messaged me...and I thought "great looking guy and he's serving his country in Afghanistan so why not start talking to him"

Not even a week went by where he was professing his love for me...wanting to marry me...he asked me to contact the United States Army to set up an account so that we could phone one another...but I told him that I am hearing impaired and that it would probably be difficult to understand money was asked at this point...he then said that he would have to ask for a leave and if I could pay for his ticket and I said I thought the government should pay for that and he said that they might pay for half of it...I said I didn't have the funds to send to him at the time and he said that it was okay since money and material things don't matter to him...later on he said that it would cost 2500 and that he would have to talk to his financial consultant to have the money sent to me...and he wanted my online banking information...I told him that it it's all done by wire transfer and it would require no online information...

The man sends poetry copied and pasted from other sites...he declares his undying love for he misses you so much...I always thought how can someone miss me that hasn't even met was too good to be true...I kept telling him that I am not divorced but he didn't care and that all he thought about was our wedding...when I asked him what division he was in he replied "why you want to join the army" I was always on guard but enjoyed the attention since I had just broken up with someone when he contacted me...

I hope that this man is finally put to a stop regarding his actions and is dealt with accordingly...and I wish that the poor man who's picture was used is notified or knows that his photo is being used for this scam...


#46542 by Bubbles Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:30 pm
Welcome to ScamWarners Deana, and thank you for posting this information. our intent if for others to be able to find the information and not become a victim of a scammer. We hope you will continue to post scams your come across.

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