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#48634 by onlyme64 Mon Mar 14, 2011 5:27 am
Found from Match com (cantwait007).
Use name John Robert Wilkings and Rilwan Abiodun Lawal.
Live in Istanbul Turkey.
Phone: +905488793049 and Skype 0374119005
Skype username is jonjon5766
inetnum: -
netname: TR-NETHOUSENETWORKS-20080825
descr: Nethouse Bilgi Islem Merkezi Ltd
country: TR
admin-c: MA2984-RIPE
tech-c: MA2984-RIPE
mnt-lower: MNT-NETH
mnt-domains: MNT-NETH
mnt-routes: MNT-NETH
source: RIPE # Filtered

He told that to me:
He lost his wife by caraccident 6yrs ago. He have 13yrs daughter who student in Marryland us.
He had transfer to Finland by company where he work. He start his own business in Finland and about this he need travell to Turkey every week.
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#48636 by David Jansen Mon Mar 14, 2011 6:06 am
Welcome here onlyme64.

Could you please post the emails that he has send you? That way we can determine wether it's a scammer, and if so, other possible victims can find it better.

Being a victim doesn't mean you stand alone. We're here to help you.
#48639 by onlyme64 Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:05 am
He told that he live in Tampere Finland and go to business trip to Turkey.
All start the day when he will return back to Finland. He sent sms to me "call to me". No I didn't called.
He begging and begging.. at least I trusted him because he have Finnish phonenumber..
This number is Skype number, never been in Finland :?

Here is few mails what i got from him:

John Wilkin
-> minä

tarkemmat tiedot 7. maaliskuuta (7 päivää sitten)

Hi darling,
you can come over to Turkey but if you check the expenses it will be much.
i have tried to get help from places but i don't have friends that is why its been difficult for me.
if you can send me the money then we can meet in Finland as soon as i return.
why are you not working now?
lots of love John.

John Wilkin
-> minä

tarkemmat tiedot 9. maaliskuuta (5 päivää sitten)

Hi darling, how are you doing.
i want you to know that i am not happy here and i will answer your questions for the last time. i know i cant force you to help me but i am just begging because if you are in my shoes i will help you without any questions.
My bill is 570 but i found someone that i can give my laptop for 250euros.
I have to pay the bills because i am at fault in the driving, i drove into the onther car because i was trying to avoid contact with a bike in the other way.
The man i said you should send the money to is the person helping me here with accomodation but he said he does not have money to help me.
i am here for my private business so i dont expect you to ask about the company i work for to come and help me because its not possible.
I am going through hell here. i thought we will be together now if not for the problem i have here.
take care and no more questions.
lots of love John. xxx

One day I asked to take pic in his mobilephone and send it to me at mms.. and this is answer:

John Wilkin
-> minä

tarkemmat tiedot 23. helmikuuta

Good morning darling. i tried all my best but i could not send picture via phone.
have a lovely day and i hope to see you later in the day.

Last message from him:
John Wilkin
-> minä

tarkemmat tiedot 13. maaliskuuta (1 päivää sitten)

i need money for my flight please. i will explain to you when i get to Finland.

I lost mostly of these messages because I needed to install new users program in my computer.
I was stupid and belived all.. 3 weeks he begging money from me and at least i sent it. Not much but still.. :cry:
Sorry about my english :oops:
#48643 by David Jansen Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:49 am
Thank you for posting these emails. Yes, this is the classic romance scam. If this person was real, and was on a business trip, he would have a creditcard to pay for the expenses. There is no reason for him to ask you for money. It is part of the scam to make you believe that you are the only person in the world who can help him. And even if he didn't have a creditcard, he would be insured for accidents or whatever. It is al a lie to make you pay.

I am sorry you already lost some money to him. The best thing to do now is to ignore him completely. When you stop writing to him he will know that he can't steal any more money from you again, and he will leave you alone.

Being a victim doesn't mean you stand alone. We're here to help you.
#48672 by onlyme64 Mon Mar 14, 2011 4:20 pm
He tryed to call to me from this skype number today.. ha ha
He is in Turkey and call to me from the number what (he think I belive) is in Finland.

3 weeks I belived that he is scammer and at least he turned my head.. only the reason to stop this begging..
I was so tired and couldn't stop this :cry:

After that I sent the money to the hospital bill, he sent sms where he told that "go to the airport now". Then silence.. and at the next day sms again "call to me".. "my flight ticket is expired"..

I told that no I don't send more money to u!!

I've sent information from him to match com, skype and police.
The skype number isn't free and need registration and payment too.

Both of these numbers are active all times.

Now im so tired and sad too. How stupid human can be and how he done this :evil:
#48774 by Bubbles Wed Mar 16, 2011 2:36 am
I am glad you told him you cannot send any more money onlyme64. I recommend that you stop all contact with this scammers. He will try everything he can to get you to send more money to him. If you continue to be in contact, he may sway you into sending money again.

I am sorry you had to find this out the hard way. He is not your friend, he is a criminal. Block his email address and begin healing from the emotional damage. We are glad you found us. Feel free to PM if you need any other information or help.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

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