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#49299 by DMO1037406 Tue Mar 22, 2011 12:46 am
I just found this web site 2 days and it helped my getting out of a scam that I couldn't believe I fell for. I met this guy through a facebook site Are You Interested he was a Sergarent in the US Army his name Williamson Cohn deployed in Afganistan he said his wife died 6 years ago and he had a 13 year old son., from the first day he said that he loved me and wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. Then we wanted special leave I was hesitant I kept telling him I didn't want to do it then I gave in thinking this guy was genuine. So he gave me the email address [email protected] of Lt. General Jack Stultz he told me to email him and tell him that I was his wife and he wanted special leave to make up something so he could come see me they sent me one paper that Sgt Williamson Cohn leave had bee approved and that I would have to wire 567.00 through western union to the finance secretary in Logan Utah. I had just was going to when I found your site and stopped what I was doing and didn't send the money. After I told him that I wasn't going to send he got real mad and asked why and all this love stuff. I said no this was all a scam and I was stupid to fall for it. He told me ok we continued to talk got me convienced again that he didn't have money and he needed to buy food. I kept telling him no again with all this love stuff again. I hesitated again and said I can only send you $35.00 he said how about just $50 I hesitated again and said ok but don't ask me again for money again when I emailed the commander stating that Iwas going to be sending you $50 I received a email stating that $50 was too low and it had to be $145 and higher I hestitated again with him saying please babe this so I told him fine I will send you $145.00 but this is the only time and last time. I went to send the money I got home checking out this site again I decided to call Western Union to cancel the transfer it was sent but not received yet so I was able to pick up my money. I reported it not only to Western Union but to local law enforcement and the state of Arizona. I just don't want anyone else to fall for this which I know many have.

Thanks for Listening

#49303 by Bubbles Tue Mar 22, 2011 1:42 am
Welcome to ScamWarners Debra and congratulations for your fast thinking regarding the money you sent by Western Union. :=)

We are always pleased when a scammer doesn't collect money. Thank you for posting this information, it will help some one else.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

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