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#49597 by LobaArmario Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:12 am
Claims to be a web designer in Nigeria, graduated from USC. . . whatever.

Hello Angel

How are you doing today? My Name is joby and am New to this online dating stuff,I am browsing through when i found your captivating profile with the beautiful picture of you attach to it to make it complete,All i did say at the fist time is wow she look like an Angel. I am a God fearing man who is ready to meet some one who knows what she really know what she want out of life. I must tell you I'm out of town at the moment,am a web designer and its make me travel a lot cos right now am working for nicon office in Nigeria ,I have been in Africa for 1 month and some weeks now,We could get very familiar with each other through the mails and IM's while am away..hope Ur not disapointed am out of town now......i should be home in about 12 days from now .You are so Charming and so beautiful.My profile do say some things about me which you already know.I am very Honest with some one i be with,i don't smoke,go clubbing or drink,I am single,Know kids.I love playing with kids,playing Basket ball and going to the cinema or spending good qualities times with My Love Once,I like been around my woman,i like public affection,I love going to church,I love Vanilla Ice Cream and yes i can take good care of you,i will really take good care of you cos i am some one that cares alot about my woman,i am very honest,caring,sweet,affectionate and God Fearing,I hate lies and games,cos i am starting to open my heart form some one like you.tell me more about you...Here is my Private email address you can contact me on before i get back so we can have a dinner in one of the best restaurant in Your bay area or in dallas,texas. Tell me more about yourself and here is my yahoo id [email protected]
hope to read from you soon


He seems to be new (at least in this incarnation) only 9 friends, but if you know any of them -----------------> His profile is here.


#49598 by Dotti Sat Mar 26, 2011 12:14 am
Thank you for posting this scammer Loba! Please feel free to come back and post others who approach you, as the more scammers we post, the better chance others will avoid being scammed.

I see the same photo is being used with a different name/location

The man in the photo is nowhere near 50...
50-year-old man from Gettysburg, France
Seeking: A date
Hello i am on here looking for a long term relationship with the right woman.
Hey,i am mark coax a widow from pa with a kid and with my mom,lost my dad 17yrs ago and my wife 9yrs ago.I live and spend all...

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