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#50781 by Chris Fuller Thu Apr 07, 2011 4:41 pm
The scammer calling himself David Cole is not genuinely looking for a relationship - his only intention is to trick people into sending money to him.

From: David Cole <[email protected]>

Thanks for getting in touch with me ...i am very willing to chat with you one day so that we can talk more.......i am a cool and shy Guy..I hate cheating and lieing and fighting ex boyfriend cheated on me so since then i have to be single and i love to meet someone that is honest,open minded,caring, romantic and i love to meet someone special ok..

I will love to meet someone cool and caring person trustworthy..honest and cool person that can take care of me and i will be with him till the rest of my life and i will be caring and lovely to him if you only he can promise not to cheat on me ok

Date of Birth : 23 Dec 1975
Place of Birth : Holland
Age : 35 years old
Civil Status : Single
Religion : Christian
Height : 5 ft. 11 inches
Weight : 157 lbs.
Citizenship : United States White/Caucasian
Father's Name : Rafael.V. Cole
Occupation : Investment Broker
Mother's Name : Helen Cole
Occupation : Retired Teacher

I have been in school for ages my first work is in Poland.

Cooking, Dancing, Flower Arrangement and Sports Enthusiast.
My favorite food(s):
American, Chinese/Dim Sum, Fast Food/Pizza, Japanese/Sushi

My favorite music:
Blues, Disco, Hard Rock & Metal, Jazz, Soul/R&B
Favorite Color & Flower
Blue Color... Rose Flower

I hate to be cheat and fighting and disobey .I love to meet good person and trustworthy honest ,caring good person and i will care for him and will also do that ..

As at now still in Nigeria with my foster mom and will be back home after her surgery,so i will be back as soon as possible to the state so i will like to meet you in person ..

Tell me more about yourself and do send some pictures if available.

Hello Sweetest
How are you doing today? Good to hear from you.
I have been very busy lately taking care of my Foster mom here Abroad
Thanks for telling me little about yourself, I guess I should do the same. I put up a profile on the Here when I broke up with my EX last three months........ I am very new here. ' I need a REAL man who knows what true love is, someone who knows that Love is Trust , Honesty, Transparency, an Instinct that takes over you completely, commitment, like having an angel by your side.... Really, I've been hurt a few times and i must let you know that i learn t from my past and move on. I like everything I do with passion, that's one thing that keeps me going, I'm a positive Guy, I do things with the mind that everything I do has to work out for me. I love being optimistic and to show passion when I do things i love. I am a sincere, caring, effervescent, open-minded individual, I am easy to talk to and pretty much grounded. I like the simple things in life. I believe the little things in a relationship is important. For example,remembering the clothes you wore on a first date. Telling me your favorite color. Your birthday and your sign. Am 35yrs old
It would be nice to have someone pleasant to replace the hours of loneliness, someone to hold close and share my inner deepest thoughts. I have not found such a guy yet, most of them only want to add me to the list of guys that they see and chat with for a few hours of pleasure. I need and want much more than that, Please excuse my informal approach and allow me to just be myself.. I am a serious guy of 35 years... My interest is to find a relationship ,I like fishing, riding slowly down a country road, reading, and just learning about many different people and things. I like pets. I like to listen to all kinds of, music, but my favorite are jazz, r&b, blues, pop, rock, and classic. I like movies, board games, and watching sports. I prefer fishing the most because I find the water very calming. I have not been to a club in several years because I don't enjoy them much, I rather be alone with a special guy making our own private memories, I don't like to argue as I think all matters can be resolved in a quiet calm way. I don't like lies as there is no place for betrayal in a healthy relationship. My favorite color is blue. My favorite food is Chinese and Japanese dish religion, color, and etc. In this world of uncertainty, I offer you my love and sincerity. You must accept me as I am, The quality of my life is more important to me than the quantity of days I live. Like anyone I'm grateful for all that God grants, Honesty, my compassion, respect, love and me is a large part of who I am.
Loneliness and stress has caged a shadow over me for the past few weeks now after I came to Nigeria to take care of my Foster mom who will be going for an operation in few weeks time,she is presently admitted in an hospital ,so she really needs me around her..... I hope to get through with things here soon so as to get back to the states, hopefully if we have things in common we can hook up and see where it heads. We can continue to get in touch with each other on here until I get back as for us to learn more about each other before we meet in person.... I hope we will discover in our new relationship some of the things we are searching for to make our life complete(me &you). I will gladly answer any question you may have....I will be back in country in 2 weeks time
You can call me anytime..........+2347055217962

waiting to read your mail...cant wait I think I have rambled on enough, I don't want to bored you with my long message. You sound cool in your message I will be looking forward to hear again from you.


How are you doing
You are the sweetest.....I have really enjoy my conversation with you and to be honest, you have my attention already. I like being plain and honest, I don't deceive my self. I like everything I have heard, I wouldn't deny that.....My mom's dad is from Europe and her mom is from Buffalo New york...My dad is from Arizona Flagstaff.

I like what you wrote about yourself ...Honestly you are the sweetest

I am glad that you are truly genuine and blunt. I don't like hypocrites. I like when you say something from the heart and being plain, I don't see that as being too forward, life is short, we are only able to achieve what we can at that short period. I appreciate you saying the things about you and been open ..... You see, Like I have said I want a man of my own. Someone I can be together with until death do us path. Though I am young and I have experienced the joy of love and pain. I am the type of guy that cry at sad flicks, do you do too? I get emotional when things get so tough, Sometimes I feel 'enough is enough'. I'm sad when you're sad, I care if you cry, I'll pick you up when you are down, I'm hurt when you lie, Like all I need cuddles because cuddles are close, If you make me feel special I'll love you the most.. I know its two way, thru thick and the thin, I just hope you can see who I am within.. It’s a challenge, a quest that we
undertake,when we live. I just hope that someone will want what I have to give.. I would rather like someone look at me as David inside and not of the surface. I believe in a good personality. So here are 'my words' at a glance across life's bar, I just hope that you see it.

I decided to send you more of my pictures which I can find on the computer here, I have more on my laptop at home in the states which I would have love to send to you, I just hope you like this once.. Though pictures shouldn't be the reflection of one's personality, but words. But, it should give you an insight of what I look like, since I am not there physically with you. what I want you to do is just to look beyond my photos because I'm more than my photo its the cover for 'my whole' Try and see past it, see inside my soul. I'm more than flesh and bone I have feelings just like you.I will be coming back to the states in 2 weeks time.

I will be expecting to hear your response
I am rushing to the hospital now to see my mom ...cos her surgery is on the way ....I will write you more when i get back....

Looking forward hearing your sweet voice on the phone....You can call me anytime
Take good care of yourself





Here are two examples of the request for money that this scammer makes:

Hello cuty
have not been happy lately due to my sick foster mom,you know i told you she has a kidney problem and the doctors want me to make a deposit so that she can be on the donor list but i cant afford all the bucks needed,Dude please can you assist me with 800?Kindly get back to me asap

Helly My Prince Charming,
How are you today and your family?just want you to know that am doing good at my job here in Nigeria and i really dont know how to explain this to you because i dont want you to feel bad of me or think am here because of your money or am a pest or like some other guys that seek men for money,HELL NO I have a good job....Am here to seek for your love and and all that i seek from you....

My little problem now is that in the hotel where i lodged since my stay here in Africa,they really don't allow Amex card or any form of credit or debit card as their mode of payment but due to security reasons i loaded my cash in my amex card and hold on to some cash while embarking on this trip,not knowing that am gonna spend extra days here....

All i need from you now is for you to help me with just 850$ to clear my bills here and as soon as i get to the airport i will be able to use the ATM to get cash dispence for me so that i could be able to pay you back asap....Don't see me as a scam or what ever you might call it...ok I know people do such act but all i need from you is TRUST..UNDERSTANDING...FAITH....HONESTY.........Hope you can come over to the airport and pick me?If yes i would be glad....

Get back to me ASAP.


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