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#51362 by ibart Fri Apr 15, 2011 3:14 pm
I found identical msg in other posts here so I'm warning you guys - Natalya from Russia is a Scammer
Hello, my new friend!
I am very happy, that you have answered my letter. At first I wish to
apologise for my not a prompt reply. I have no computer in my the
house. Yes, it - really pity... I cannot answer you during the same
moment as you. Thanks, that you have found time, writes me the letter.
I think, that you have much Questions to me. I will try, describe me.
I do not know that speaks to you in the beginning... Well, let's
begin!To me 28. My birthday - on December, 24th. My height - 5 foots
7 inches. My weight - 51 kg. As you see in my photo, I have grey eyes.
I have the serious intention to find the man who is worthy me and I do
not wish to make a wrong choice... I tried to write to you, and now I
see that I too am interesting to you. We can begin our dialogue. I
wish to be fair with you. Be fair with me also. I live in Russia, in
the city of Nizhni Novgorod. You heard about it? It - very much
ancient city. Nizhni Novgorod is located in 400 kilometers from
Moscow. Nizhni Novgorod the big and well-known city in Russia, also is
located on the river Volga. We - two the person which wish to meet
someone ONLY For serious relations. I am right? We can try to know
better each other, if you do not want, it is your choice... It is a
little about me. I have higher education. I have begun my formation in
high school, in Nizhni Novgorod. After I have finished it, I have
entered the university on economic faculty. I have finished it 5 years
ago. Now I work manager of sales in one of the largest networks shops
of electronic technics in Russia. Within the working day I can use the
computer and to write letters. I really would like to know your
interests, a hobby, where you live and how spend a free time? Tell to
me more about you. I also will tell to you it is more about me in the
following letter. I send you a photo. I hope my letter will not break
you. I will wait for your letter and your photo with impatience. Also
I want that you did not pass my questions and answered them. It is
important for me.


I - sad presence of any letter from you, at me was not chance to
receive here some days but when I have seen that I have no the letter
from you which have made me very sad . I understand, that you can be
very much busy on your work, but I am absent without you and would
like To receive news from you it is fast.


Hello !
I am very happy to receive the letter from you today. I - very much
happy, that All of you still have, desire to write to me. It is very
good, that my answer about volume that I live in Russia does not
confuse you. Your country seems to me very interesting and certainly
differs from my. I like to learn all new. Unfortunately I can not
communicate with you on FACEBOOK because I do not have PCs. I have
access to the Internet only with my work and internet cafes, and there
it can be done. So I ask you to communicate E-mail. We live far
apart... It is very big distance for both of us. But it the distance
only seems big. It at all does not frighten me. It seems to me
especially interesting. Unless you do not think so? I read in the
newspaper (it was during long time back) that in other countries
(Europe and the North America) meets a situation, that women are more
careless than men. Whether it is valid truly? I very much would like
to study your opinion, Also, why you search for the woman on the
Internet? I - for the first time I have acquaintance through the
Internet. Now I wish to tell to you about me directly. I never was
married, and I wish to marry. I want, to meet someone who wants to
have an amicable and strong family. I require someone who is fair,
also It is careful, warm and sexual. I wish to have the friend who
later (if all is correct), could to become the friend is more than
only. The most important parts of relations - love, trust and
understanding. These three things should be present together. The love
is important, but you should to trust blindly to other person, If
really love it because you should know its real love - you, it is
final you. You probably have a question "why the Russian women search
for husbands in other countries”. As from many reasons, I think, and
first of all - an economic level of Russia. The Russian men cannot
care of their family. They are very lazy. They drink much and at times
very roughly concern women and a family, I do not want such future. If
they receive many money, anyhow they also start to spend everything to
drink alcohol or on other women. In our country of women it is more
than men. Russian women operate housekeeping, lift children and has a
permanent job at the same time. There is an opinion that the Russian
men degrade now. I wish to marry abroad as I am interested in my
future. I wish to have a usual, quiet life though I should leave my
friends and Culture. It is very difficult. Here only a few reasons,
why I - still one, I think, that it is better to be lonely than to be
with someone and to be the unfortunate. I have no children, but I
would like to have them. I think, that I would be good mother. I live
with the parents, mum and the daddy, at us very amicable family. My
mum call - Svetlana, to it of 50 years and it very much worry that I
ones . But it completely supports me in my opinion about to family. My
daddy - Vladimir to it 53. It the real man also is always ready to
come on the help in any situation. I like to visit cinema and to read
books. I have much free times after my work, therefore I have
possibility to read. I love various love stories, detectives and very
much, very much I love the classical Russian literature. Also I love
various music. When to me it is sad, I listen to slow, sensual music.
Jazz and blues. When I have good mood, I listen to modern music. The
American music, very pleasant to me Jeniffer Lopez, Aerosmith, Moby
and other American groups. In the winter I go, to ski and the fads.
That you like to do at leisure. My hobby if probably to tell so -
English language. I loved English language during long time when I
studied in to school. The training program necessarily includes a
foreign language in Russia, as rule - English language, the German or
the French language. I have entered English group language and I am
still happy, that I have made it. After school, I continued to study
English language at institute. I know, that now I commit errors, but I
hope, that you will not be becomes angry. I wait your answer .
I have many ideas about which I will write in following letters. I
send you my photos and I will look forward your photos.
Your friend Natalya.


Hello Fruiti ! How - you today?
I hope, that you were happy to receive my letter because, when I
receive your letter, I really happen is admired. Many thanks to you. I
have absolutely understood everything, that you have written to me. As
I already spoke to you that I I know English language more likely
well. I know, that many people use the Internet to earn money with the
help of a deceit. It is wrong, as the usual women then, can not find
the love and happiness in the Internet, as many men were deceived and
do not trust now women. I am very glad that those messages you sent
not to me, I too heard that in Russia there is such swindle, but it is
a problem of our state and I do not want about it to speak. Fruiti ,
as you already know, I have no computer in my house and consequently I
write to you from my work. Therefore I regret, if not so quickly I
answer your letter. I work since Monday till Friday and is very
frequent on Saturday. My working day begins at 8:00 and last by 18:00.
Sometimes I work till 19.00. But it is not easy, because my boss does
not allow use the computer with the private the purposes. We have no
unlimited access of the Internet on work. My monthly income - 10000
roubles, it approximately 250 euros. But as I live with parents, this
money suffices also I even I can postpone gradually, as I like to
travel. I travelled to Russia, I saw Moscow, Samara, St.-Petersburg,
Sochi. But I never was in Europe. Approximately 2 years I worked in
Advertising agency. 5 people from our firm have left in the USA for
training. Among these people there was my girlfriend with whom we are
on friendly terms since the childhood - Anna. In the USA it Has met
the man of the dream - Harry. They have got acquainted directly on
work, and them acquaintance has ended with wedding. Anna remained to
live in the USA from Harry. They together already 2 years also wait
for the child. I am very happy for it. We keep in touch with it. She
also has advised to me to take advantage of the Internet for search of
the only thing. Now I have found you Fruiti ! I - very much to it and
I think now of you. I tried to find love and happiness here, but I
felt lie. We have a proverb in Russia: the Fierce truth is better than
sweet lie. I think, that you are a fair person. Whether I am valid is
right? I have many girlfriends, but I do not have beloved and from it
to me is sad. But now when I have met you, my grief leaves when I see
the letter from you. And I very much want that our relations proceeded
also who knows, is possible we are born for each other. What do you
think of it? I can hope only for me directly. But sometimes I so wish
to feel a strong shoulder close to me... Yes, I want the real the
person for family creation. Fruiti , I have the most serious
intentions. Therefore I am very happy, that have met you. To me our
dialogue is very pleasant. For me not so distinction of age is
important, it will not be important for me. These days I so strongly I
wait for your letter. It as a sweet dream... It is other world for me.
Now I should finish mine the letter. I wait with alarm your answer.
Also I want, to ask you: the friend from other country had you ever?
Whether it is valid important for you a nationality? Fruiti , you love
what food? I would like to discuss it with you tomorrow.

Your friend Natalya !!!!


#51378 by Bubbles Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:34 pm
Thank you for posting this ibart. The pictures are most likely stolen from a modeling web site. We appreciate you posting this information.

Bubbles, former Scamwarners moderator.

Rest in Peace 24 June 2015.

Gone, but never forgotten.

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