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#51377 by kayt110 Fri Apr 15, 2011 11:27 pm
Is it common for a scammer to totally ignore a woman and just move on (presumably) to other marks after the woman he emails for a while (in my case, about 5 weeks) stops all communication with him after he asks for money? It was now been one week since my scammer, who used the name "Paul Rosenberg," sent me the email in which he asked for money. I did not write back and will not. I was afraid he would bombard me with emails begging for the money and asking why I hadn't responded, etc., but (thankfully) he has not emailed or tried to call even once. Maybe he realized I didn't fall for his con, or his "Paul" persona? Maybe he just didn't consider me worth the bother, or that's his normal M.O. - leave it and move on to easier prey?? I'm starting to relax now, but in the back of my mind I still worry a little because he has my nickname and real last name from my gmail address, and he has my cell phone number. After a week, is it fairly safe to presume he's moved on and probably won't communicate again? Or...what? I've never had experience with a romance scammer before. so thanks in advance for any insight anyone can give me.

#51382 by Bubbles Sat Apr 16, 2011 12:21 am
Hello kayt110, Scammers are individuals so there is not one standard way they react. Some will plead for a couple times. Some will go away and a few are sore losers and will retaliate. This is why we recommend victims to just stop responding. They are used to this once they are found out to be the fraud they actually are.

I am glad you quit responding and that the scammer has slinked off. Yes, sadly to try to trap / trick another victim. Your posts does help others, so thank you for contributing here.

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