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#51545 by themikeomatic Mon Apr 18, 2011 7:01 pm
Hey, how are ye doing all?
Just wanted to warn other people about this... thing. Got me hooked a few weeks but after many odds I decided to search for hints.

Feels a little bad, was a little excited that she was russian, but since the first mail I kept a sceptic side cause I erased my account on a few months ago.

Hope it helps other people, ye guys helped me.

Her supposed name: Elena
Age: 27
Location: Moscow, Russia
Physic: 1.73, blonde, blue eyes and very cute.

2 photos on the first one, other 2 on the second, 1 on the third and 2 on the fourth (mails).
Sorry but I don't know how to upload images here, but I googled one and got a match in:

Then I used tineye and found this:

Her mails:
First time it used the fake name in the 'Subject' tag, then only it mail with a 'no subject' as tittle.

1- Greetings it is interesting to really me to begin new relations. If
you have become interested and wish to continue our acquaintance, you
can communicate With me! It is a little about itself to me 27 years. I
was not married and I have no children. Now I am free from all
relations. I saw your profile And here I have decided to
write to you. As the woman the intellectual, sociable person. I hope,
that we will continue with you the correspondence. My e-mail address
[email protected]. I send you the photo. I hope to receive from
you the answer and to see also your photo.

2- Greetings, my new friend from abroad! I live in the city of Moscow,
This city is considered capital of Russia)). I for the first time to
use the Internet as means of acquaintance to people, and very well you
have written it for me. It is very a pity to me, if I cannot write to
you this very day, my Internet from good work. Allow me to tell a
little about itself, and, to tell the truth, I do not know, with what
to begin, because I speak much, but I think, what I will tell about
myself gradually to be interesting to you, well? And you will do the
same, I do not know, how it will be better, but let's try as it should
be? To me of 27 years. I have a good work which is pleasant to me. I
work as the ecologist. Now all my days I work, and to go home and
again to work and houses, and again, I so am lonely. But time is not
necessary on a place, and I understand, that my time has come again to
find the beloved. I very seriously detection wash favourite, therefore
I should set to you some questions on which I would like to receive
fair answers. You really wish to find the significant other or you
simply would like to have friends on the Internet? How you think, I
live in Russia? Whether you are ready sincere and confidential
relations? I have decided to get acquainted with the foreigner after
my friend have got acquainted with the foreigner, she has fallen in
love with this person, and now they have a fine family together in its
country, yes it to move to it. She often writes me letters and I see,
that she is very happy to live with the husband. Why I do not see here
the partner in life? Now I very well know Russian of men and they are
not interesting to me, because chances are very great to fall in love
in any alcoholic or other madman, I very much do not want it. I hope,
what our acquaintance will outgrow in something It is more, than
virtual dialogue? So I hope, that you do not ask mine naked photos!
For me has written some men. They began to ask at once my naked
photos. After that I have stopped at once to write down them. I here
not for an entertainment. Really, I hope to find here serious
relations. Besides, I ask you, that you did not ask my phone number in
the beginning of our acquaintance! It is good? When I is better you
know, I will give you the number, we will speak on the phone with you.
But now I yet do not know, that you... Acquaintance to you is very
interesting to me. I hope, that you will answer Me of time in the near
future. With this letter I send you some of my photos, and I hope,
that you send to me of your photos. Good day! Yours faithfully Elena.

3-Greetings the lovely friend!!! I am glad to receive your letter, and I
wish to tell to you thanks. Big to you thanks for a photo, are good
photos you to me very much like :)! To me it is very pleasant. As
there was your day!? I am good)). Today there was very intense day on
work and I could not answer you earlier!! And here just now I could
accept from you mail to see your letter and was very happy to receive
it. I wish to set to you still some questions if you not against))
Please write to me about your holidays! What holiday is the best in
your country? You love what season more? I very much love spring. I
love when flowers start to blossom. I love tulips, roses and lilies!
You have what trees in your country. You have birches? This our
national tree. (I probably set too many questions :)!? I only would
like to know more about that that is pleasant to you or it is not
pleasant). I hope that does not frighten you that fact, what we are
far apart? And I hope for our further correspondence. It was pleasant
to me to read your letter. But I would like to find out about you more
as I think that for relations we should know about each other
everything, as good luck and failure of our life. You agree with me? I
would like to describe about myself more. I have read your letter and
I think to you it will be pleasant to read my letters. I was born on
January, 07th 1984, now to me of 27 years. My growth of 1,74 metres.
My weight of 54 kg. It is possible to tell, that I have typical
European appearance. I have light hair from a birth. At me a white
skin and blue eyes. I very kind, clever and interesting person. I very
active and cheerful.) I cannot tell, that my life differs from a life
of other Russian people, but I try to make its interesting. I do not
have such bad habits as smoking and alcohol use. Now many women have
such bad habits, but it is inadmissible for me. I try cares of the
health very much. I like to waste time in vain with friends and to
have good rest. We can go in cinema or walk together! In Moscow many
good vacation spots and entertainments. I like to skate on ice and to
ski. Unfortunately the winter already has ended, but in a hall for
hockey probably to skate on ice all year! I like to have rest outside
of a city in the summer. I love the nature and picnic very much! I
love music and cinema! I do not have special favourites because it
depends on my mood more. Most of all I listen to radio. I very much
like dogs and cats. On a photo my favourite pupil Caesar. I learnt
English language when studied at institute. English language at school
was given to me well. My family small, there only I both my
grandmother and the aunt. The grandmother has learnt me to much. My
grandmother learnt me is tasty to prepare!!! I am very much I like to
do. On kitchen I do not have the equal!!!! I do not have native
brothers and sisters, therefore it is sometimes boring to me to sit
houses of one. Here such my family, but I am proud to it. As they my
the most favourite and which will always love me. To me it will be
very good if you, will write to me about the family. At me it is a lot
of work and consequently not always smog you to answer, but I hope
that you will not object, and will not do you it is unfortunate. I
work from 9 o'clock till 19 o'clock. On work even during free time
from work we strictly are forbidden to use social networks, we can use
only personal e-mail. I after all use the Internet only on work.
Unfortunately the house at me is not present the Internet, please do
not become angry about me. Unfortunately I need to finish the letter,
and I hope for your fast reply. With best regards Elena....

4- Good day my dear Miguel !!!!!!!! Today I want to write you about my
personal life. Today I wanted to put thoughts into the wind that man
.... who put me somewhere waiting for: Come middle age and do not want
to be one ... do not want to cook breakfast and lunch only for
myself:) I am very sad to go back to my empty apartment. I would like
to feel you, hear your breath, look far away into your eyes, in the
evenings to talk with my boyfriend;) Where are you my companion, where
you can close and maybe far in the other end of the world .... quietly
humbly look into the distance and waiting .. Just like me, waiting ...
the brightest of the most awaited day when you can tell looking in his
eyes: That I love you and found my LOVE! Did you like it? These are my
thoughts that I put into heights, this is my dream and I really hope
that they will come true! I also dream of finding the person for whom
it was possible to arrange off-on nature. With whom would be fooling
around, clean the apartment, watching movies, both at home and in
cinemas, to conduct the common affairs. My dear Miguel in their years,
I have a dream to hug me dear and beloved man. See how he rejoices,
laughs and smiles. I want to enjoy the beautiful features of his face.
I want to give just a decent, independent, humorous, interesting.
Experience of living I have no)), but I do have experience. Only the
most men need my acquaintance with other people or money, or
assistance in applying for a job. I would not like to see beside me
sad and boring people. I am very romantic and very affectionate to
those who I like! All lived life - a romantic drama with some vivid
encounters, and people, all the rest - vanity) I sometimes enjoy
solitude, but I'm afraid and I hate it. More than anything special
here can not tell - one head, two arms, two foot, and a beautiful
proportioned body)). I think that nothing ever too late to change. I'm
ready for any change, even to leave their own country. With really
nice 'Paradise and in the shed' as they say in my country! Perhaps
this is the last chance to find the second half to be in one piece. My
dear Miguel I do not know whether I make that I write to you about
this, but I want you to know about me more. I dated a guy (it lasted
one year) he was older than me by four years. His name Sasha. was
short-tempered and aggressive. His behavior is very much annoyed me. I
was not able to communicate more with him and we had to part with him.
I realized that we had with him neither of which will not work. But he
kept following me and gives me peace I live, even now. He thinks I
still love him. Although many times I told him, that between us all
over and I do not like him. To tell you the truth, he often swore to
me and once he even hit me, then my love for him was over. I still can
not understand, but I do not understand people who say they love you,
but it is often quarrel and raise a hand, get beaten. Most of all I do
not like deception. Our quarrel has occurred because of this. When I
learned that he was cheating me. I ask him how he could do so, but
started to swear and hit me. This is the greatest betrayal in my life.
And I do not when you do not want to remember him. I am very
disappointed in the Russian men. This is the reason to find a loved
one overseas. While I understand that good and bad people are
everywhere and you, too. But I know that the men in your country
respectful of women and more than appreciate their love and feelings.
And also is good, hard work and more suitable for a family. I hope
that more in my life would not be such people. My dear Miguel I hope
you're not such a person. And you can not hurt a man who loves you. I
would very much like that you did not look like him. My letter is a
cry from the heart .. I look forward to your ponimanie.The lonely girl
as a flower withers Sincerely yours new friend Elena! I would like to
have more of your pictures, you send them to me?

5- My sweet and dear friend Miguel!!! I am again very glad to read your
beautiful mail !!!!!!! With each new message in me wakes up big
interest to our correspondence. Unfortunately I not always have an
opportunity to answer quickly but I never forget that the new message
from you waits for me :) My friend how there is your day? I am very
glad that we have started to discuss relations between the man and the
woman. It really very serious and interesting question. I shall try to
tell to you my ideas about this. When I studied in institute my life
seem to me much easier. The love came unexpectedly and it was similar
to a dream but when the fog dissipated I understood that it only whiff
of a spring wind :) Now I understand that relations between the man
and the woman it not only love, tenderness and passion. In fact we
speak not about a fleeting meeting but about creation of happiness for
long years. I search it! Honesty, respect, fidelity, mutual
understanding, support and care about each other is a basis of strong
and long relations! Certainly the life consists not only from
beautiful days there are also gloomy days. At this particular time it
is necessary to be the best friend. Certainly sometimes in family
there are disagreements therefore important to find the compromise and
to concede each other. Relations it is very complex system and very
greater responsibility because only on us depends that will grow from
this. I heard as one person have told: " Love is when you place your
egoism in other person " It seems to me that really so. It should
seems to me that all in relations to be based on mutual understanding
and a mutual consent. I hope that could open a little for you my ideas
:) I shall wait your answer with impatience! Let your day will be
filled by heat and light! Yours friend Elena.

#51698 by jolly_roger Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:52 am
Thankyou for posting themikeomatic. I ran the email address through yahoo and the result is.
Name: Valentina Valentina
Gender: Female
Location: Los Angeles, California
Member since: 04 Feb 2011

Glad to hear you determined the scam before it was too late. Anyone performing a search in future will see your post and another person can be saved.
#260336 by Gustosss Thu Jul 16, 2015 12:38 am
Hello I'm Gus. I have this person that emailed me randomly and so for a few days I was thinking she was really until today I just had a feeling she was a scam.. I have the same name that you had and same country. Elena and from Russia. She sent me a few photos.

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