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#51665 by Karma_haunts Wed Apr 20, 2011 2:22 am
DOCTOR SCAM ARTIST -- His name is Christian "Chris" George Taylor -- Dr. Taylor. Yahoo account christiantaylor101.. His email account is [email protected]. His story was European born and raised and went to Warsaw to secure his Dr. degree in pediatrics. Met his deceased wife in Boston, Mass., became and OB/GYN. Had two sons -- Max and Michael, one lives in London and one in Utah who got married around Feb/Mar of 2011 and expecting a baby in June. Has a home in Elk Grove, CA taking a leave of his practice to pursue a new business in medical supplies -- international which he was currently dabbling in domestically. Stated he cleared 1/2 million in profit domestically and was to clear $350k in medical equipment to London health clinics. Suppliers of equipment being used where in China and Canada. We met off online dating sight -- Communicated via emails and telephone for several months. Very educated very articulate and yes had a British accent. Wrote lovely letters, poetry and even in live chats spontaneous educated conversation. Very savvy. November he introduced taking the relationship to the next level and coming back for his international business trip would stop by. Then he stated his son was managing his accounts and took money to cover medical expense for his finance who was pregnant. Next call was, he was in a jam and need finance help until his client paid him in London for work rendered but he wanted to get back tot he states and need couple thousand. And even went as far as don't send it to me send it to the people I owe.. weeks went by and he never returned to the states. He got sick. Needed more funds.. he played on the emotional strings and sympathy. Still chatted and called sounding very sickly. Professed to by so in love and truly appreciated all the help.. being so sick he was unable to meet deadlines and needed more assistance promising that it would all be repaid once the investment was realized which was in 7-10 days. Then he got sicker.. and sicker with an Ecoli infection. Thus preventing him to return to the states. Then one of the individuals whom I sent money to must of stiffed him.. he wanted me to put pressure on them. Keep calling he asked. Find out why they did not do what they where suppose to do with the funds. Then when I started to pressure him for reimbursement .. he turned the tables and made it out that I was being unreasonable. Said he'd be back in the states around 2/26 for his son's wedding -- Michael. His chat's became far and few inbetween and then nothing. His last statement to me that he was going to make good his debt. He now does not even return emails. I had to insult his huge ego to make him write back and lash out at me. BEWARE -- smooth talking British man who claims he is a doctor. He will not only break your heart.. steals your money too. I tell my story so no one else will fall victim to his scams. I tried to get details account information from but they will not release information. Even after I gave them in detail what this person did. His account from was deleted. I wish I could post pictures on this site -- I would do so to be on the lookout for this guy. I am a firm believer he preys on women, and it is evil intent thus KARMA will bite him on the butt and he'll get his payback. The universal will pay him back.

#51694 by jolly_roger Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:25 am
I wish it was hello under better circumstances Karma_haunts. I'm sorry you have had your time wasted by the fraudulent trickster. Scammers do not possess any warm fuzzy feelings for anyone! If they receive money from someone, they keep trying to fleece some more. When they cannot secure any more, they simply disappear and the chance of recovering any money is virtually impossible.
Thankyou for posting the story because anyone doing a search will find it.
The doctor email address more than likely came from a free site like where many different email addresses are available and scammers use this for all the wrong reasons.
Would be a great idea to cease all contact with the individual immediately. Don't give a reason because they will only try to make the scam better which could make it difficult for the next poor victim to determine.

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