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#41234 by Dotti Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:34 am
Military format scammer,

Early emails:
Thanks for telling me more about you..I believe we can move one, I am
sick of fake profiles

so I decided to close my profile
there, hope you will do the same soon, so we can be faithful in the
truth to one another.
brief about me........
I decided to take my time to write out this message to you, so you
know more about me....
hmm I live in U.S right at this moment,in the beautiful city of
FLORIDA where I had been for so long since the divorced between my
Mother and my Daddy,Really before my Dad passed away, we were living
peacefully together, but I am presently on an official peace keeping
mission in Darfur War Region, let me quickly phrase out this that my
Dad and my mother were father was in the Marine
Military,My mother is a teacher.They both met on a trip down to Paris,
they met each other and were friends till they were finally able to
find true love which had led them together to have given birth to me.
hmm they are good Christians, just like my Mother would say to me,
that if my Daddy wasn't a Jehoval witness Member, she wouldn't have
agree to marry him when he proposed to her. we all were living
peaceful before my Daddy divorced my Mom due to some sort of things i
don't know if i should tell you here because i don't know you yet, so
please don't worry about it, I am only trying to be cautious of who i
am dealing with, maybe when I know you enough alright? anyway to make
it short, my Daddy and i lived alone in Lehigh acres, FL after the
divorced between him and my Mother. so Mom couldn't stand it living in
the city anymore, she packed her stuffs and then went back to her
state(Texas) to live on her own right there.
unfortunately,I lost my father on the line of duty, he was on the sea
as a marine sergeant Major when he was fell by the bullet from
Jamaican Militant.His death made me to join U.S Army because he was
given a befitting burial and all his benefits was converted to me as a
beneficiary, which will make me to get more benefits after I retire
from my present

was so painful to recall this memory. at last I
have no other choice than to go back to live with my Mother in Texas
as I felt I needed someone around to help me through life difficulties
before I can carry on myself you know what I Mom and i live
together in an apartment here. I am the only child of my parents.
honestly she is very nice, kind, caring and loving Mother anyone would
pray to have. she treats me like every good Mother would treat their
beloved son.
I have spent 30 good years in the Military,got rapid promotion due to
my dedication to my work.I have been to some countries, mostly to lead
the troop on peace keeping mission and aid relief mission.I am
planning ahead for my future as I am looking forward to meet thr right
woman, so I can make my final decision to tender my resignation
letter, inorder to enjoy my new relationship and build a strong
family.I had a replationship in the past but never lasted.... also
lost my fiancee to car accident few years I must tell you I
am looking for in a soul mate, someone I could call my own, a
woman(Jehoval witness) in whom I could invest my time, good deeds,
seriousness. i know out there lies someone who has the nature of God
inside of her, someone who would be ready to give 100% of herself. of
course i am not getting any younger as my age increases by year.I am
6'1 in height .. I do not smoke but drink socially. just looking for
the rightful one now.Also this is the quality I seek in a woman,one
who will be dedicated to being my wife, loyal, faithful and honest.
one who knows what it means to being in love, one who is very
affectionate, simple, easy going, fun to be with, caring, very
sincere, very romantic, giving nature, tolerant,home loving, hard
working, reliable, sensual, with a sense of humor. one who will be a
good wife with family orientation!
I am tired, need some rest. I led the early morning parade for the
troop in my Base.
waiting for your message, I will send you more pictures in my next
message to you.
Warm Regards
Capt M.Ferris.

Later emails. Note how the fiancee who was killed is now a wife.

I don't have a wife anymore, I lost her to accident few years back, I
have a son. you saw his picture on the web site.
I love to travel,read and meet new jehoval witness in my free time.
I want to know how you live your life
and are you ready to share your life with me? I want long term
relationship with you.
write back soon
Capt M.Ferris

Hello good woman,
I always happy to answer your question, I believe the distance is not
a problem because I can travel to your country to meet you, all we
have to do is apply for vacation grant from U.S army.The border and
the language is not also a problem because we must learn culture and I
am a good and fast learner.I believe we can move one if we want us to
achieve good long term relationship
I wish we can chat on msn or yahoo messenger so we can get to know
more of one another, please create account with hotmail or yahoo, so
we can chat and ask questions.

I have sincere and good intention for you, you will be the mother of
my little boy, I told him about you and he loves you.
Till I hear back from you, have a great hugs
Capt. M.Ferris

Here he starts the set up for the money requests:

Hello Honey,
I have been on messenger this morning but you are offline,I just
returned from the early morning parade for the officers.
I want you to be my future wife, I have only a son , he is living
with my cousin in United Kingdom.I don't write to any woman again
after I met you. I have closed all my profiles in dating site , I
believe Jehoval has brought us together to be husband and wife.
I will get huge money as my vacation benefits which I believe we can
both invest in xxx, may be be a good farmer of tomatoes and other
farm harvest.
I will let you know more about vacation when we chat on yahoo messenger ..
Thinking about you..
Capt M.Ferris

On 10/13/10, MARSHAL FERRIS <[email protected]> wrote:
> Hun,
> I will answer all your questions now......
> I want us to grow old along with each other, I want to start a new
> life with you, My plans is to relocate to your country if you can't
> come to U.S.
> I don't have my mother again, My ex is gone , my son is staying with
> my cousin in UK,After the army, I want to live with you. it all depend
> where you want us to leave, I have the money to take us round the
> world.
> Thinking about you.
> Hugs and kisses

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#41243 by Dotti Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:10 pm
After this, the scam progresses to a typical "leave request" scam.

The scammer instructs the victim to write to [email protected] to request leave.

NOTE: [email protected] is not an address connected to the US Army or US government. It is a free email address from . Anyone can open a free address.

Need to post photos?
Are you a victim of a romance scam? Read here for advice and FAQ's.
#45937 by cmd Fri Feb 04, 2011 5:23 pm
This is still actively going on ,as I have just been in contact with this person in the last week.They asked me to do this request for a holiday.
#45958 by David Jansen Sat Feb 05, 2011 5:17 am
Welcome here cmd.

Please stop all communication with this scammer. The 'holliday' request is thesame as the leave request. Only a soldier himself can ask for leave, not a family member / partner, or friend. If the scammer is using other e mail addresses, please post them here, so that others can be warned.

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#51973 by noodlez Mon Apr 25, 2011 9:40 am
Re captmferris
They also use capt cs.ferris@live .com or [email protected] sometimes Charels Ferris@widnows live
[email protected] is a Florrence Bill who gets the payments and apparently is in an office in Etheopia for the uspeacekeepers

What does happen with you site do you ever catch the locations of such scamers....

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