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#52468 by El?bieta Tue May 03, 2011 8:58 am
My history is an example to the fact that this fraud lasts a lot of years and many women believe these swindlers for servicemen. It is possible only to read such true love stories in the book or to watch the film. Don't be naive and don't give in to cheat for the man which you couldn't see, much less don't send money!!!
Captain Andes Preston I met at the date portal . These are demonstration lists which to me he sent to the e-mail:
" 2011/4/27 Andy Preston <[email protected]>

I am so glad to read your message, as you know I am a U.S Soldier. I have been to many countries around the world for war fronts,peace keeping and Aid relief.
I am a widow,I don't have any kid, I want to start a new life with you. have you been to U.S before?
I would like to hear your voice soon, I am back to U.S at the moment to submit report to the Military base.
I hope you can download yahoo messenger on your computer,would like to chat with you online.
waiting to hear back from you.
Capt Andy Preston"

next :

" Hello,
How are you doing, I have been waiting to hear back from you, Don't you have my last email message?
I don't have gmail account but may be I will open facebook account to chat with you, I want to grow with you.
Thinking about meeting you in Person
Hugs Joseph"
In one list Andy signed, and in second Joseph. To my question why, answered that Joseph was his middle name. Talking to it I had a lot of doubt and questions. He answered me, that he is a qualified soldier and I am supposed to trust him, since he is never cheating. In order to being persuasive a long e-mail, describing him sent me the private life and the professional career. These are his contents:

"Hello baby,
It sound so interesting to know more about you.Hoping this will lead us to grow old along with each other. I am new to internet dating.
Thanks for your message, it gives me hope that we can be a good team if we get to know more of each other.I am back to U.S to submit my report, I hope we can meet in person if we click.I want to love and feel loved.
I decided to take my time to write out this message to you, so you will know more about me....
hmm I live in U.S right at this moment,in the beautiful city of Mesa,Arizona where I had been for so long since the divorced between my Mother and my Daddy,Really before my Dad passed away, we were living peacefully together, but I am presently on an official peace keeping mission in Darfur War Region, let me quickly phrase out this that my Dad and my mother were father was in the Marine Military,My mother is a retired teacher.They both met on a trip down to Paris from U.S in 60s and were friends till they were finally able to find true love which had led them together to have given birth to me. hmm they are good Christians, just like my Mother would say to me,that if my Daddy wasn't a christian, she wouldn't have agree to marry him when he proposed to her. I am not religious because of my career won't give me time.we all were living peaceful before my Daddy divorced my Mom due to some sort of things i don't know if i should tell you here because i don't know you yet, so please don't worry about it, I am only trying to be cautious of who i am dealing with, maybe when I know you enough alright? anyway to make it short, my Daddy and i lived alone in Lehigh acres, FL after the divorced between him and my Mother. so Mom couldn't stand it living in the city anymore, she packed her stuffs and then went back to her state(Arizona) to live on her own right there.Unfortunately,I lost my father on the line of duty,I was 10years old then, he was on the sea as a marine sergeant Major when he was fell by the bullet from Jamaican Militant.His death made me to join U.S Army because he was given a befitting burial and all his benefits was converted to me as a beneficiary, which will make me to get more benefits after I retire from my present was so painful to recall this memory. at last I have no other choice than to go back to live with my Mother in Mesa as I felt I needed someone around to help me through life difficulties before I can carry on myself you know what I Mom and i live together in an apartment here.
I am the only child of my parents.honestly she is very nice, kind, caring and loving Mother anyone would pray to have. she treats me like every good Mother would treat their beloved son.
I have spent 25 good years in the Military,got rapid promotion due to my dedication to my work.I have been to some countries, mostly to lead the troops to War front, peace keeping mission and aid relief mission in Haiti.I am planning ahead for my future as I am looking forward to meet the right woman, so I can make my final decision to tender my resignation letter after my woman and I have joint discussion, inorder to enjoy my new relationship and build a strong family.
I had a relationship in the past but never lasted.... also lost my wife to car accident few years back,I must tell you I am looking for in a soul mate, someone I could call my own, a woman in whom I could invest my love, time, good deeds,seriousness,faithfuless and all I got because I have a large heart. I know out there is someone who has the nature of God inside of her, someone who would be ready to give 100% of herself of course i am not getting any younger as my age increases by year.I am 6'0 in height .. I do not smoke but have no problem with somkers,I drink socially. just looking for the rightful one now.Also this is the quality I seek in a woman,one who will be dedicated to being my wife, loyal, faithful and honest. one who knows what it means to being in love, one who is very affectionate, simple, easy going, fun to be with, caring, very sincere, very romantic, giving nature, tolerant,home loving, hard-working, reliable, sensual, with a sense of humor. one who will be a good wife with family orientation!

Turn ons: affection in public, hand-holding, hugs and unselfconscious physical contact. Sitting opposite my "woman" at breakfast, lunch or dinner, and stroking his legs with my bare foot (under the table of course ) Physical contact in general, as I am very tactile.Enjoy the nature, watching sunset (another extreme). Hands running through your hair, ( just as well your hairdresser is a woman ) and responding in kind. Laughing, very slowly, from sleep. Eating freshly prepared fruit in bed, melon, grapes, orange segments, strawberries mmmm .candle light dinner with my woman. People who have an opinion, and don't just "go with the flow". Chivalry ; which is not quite dead, just in a very deep coma

Turn offs: ignorance ( not just the intellectual, but general ignorance), Dishonest,lies,cheats,rushing when there is time to enjoy. Loud discos and bars where you can't hear yourself think. Unironed shirts, trainers that have seen better days, especially when they are also used as working boots. People shouting when I ask them to repeat something ( I probably didn't fully understand the first time, I am not deaf) . Sandals worn with socks. Being interrupted in conversation, or not being able to voice my opinion.( of which I have many )
I am tired, need some rest. I led the early morning parade for the troop in my Base.
waiting for your message and your pictures.
Warm Regards
Capt.Andy Preston "

After this long e-mail more and more I believed, that get to know man is honest with me. During the conversation on facebook he asked me for sending the holiday request to the army so that he could to me arrive and visit me. He sent me the copy of the request which wrote girl of his friend to the army. I was supposed to read it and to put my personal data, and then to send to the e-mail address which he gave to me.

Copy of this request:
"I wish to invite my man Capt Marshall Ferris of 6th armored division (Super Sixth) located at the war zone of Darfur, Sudan to my country. We met online and we have developed mutual feelings toward each other. We want to meet in my country Cyprus to discuss further about our future plans as husband and wife. I am ready to abide with the rules and regulations of the US Army to enable the approval of his Vacation.I will not hesitate to pay for all charges for processing of his vacation and willing to give out my account details when he arrive for his vacation allowance/benefits payment.
I hope the vacation request will be considered.

Eleni Ioannidou
40 Alidede St
Larnaca Cyprus.
Phone number +357 98904229
I will be anxiously waiting for your response


The above the he vacation request sent by a woman in Cyprus to invite her man(my friend) to her country, she meet up with all the requirements,the vacation was granted within 2 weeks.All you have to do is edit the above letter to send to the contact email of the Army.
Email of the U.S Army is ([email protected])
My details below
Capt. Andy Preston

I agreed and I sent the holiday request at the given address. Did I ask what next? He said very much he was satisfied and he loves me and from now on I am his fiancée. He said that in a few days I would receive the reply from the army what else I am supposed to send and what documents they will need. In the meantime the army will summon him to the conversation and they will be asking him questions much about me, for our connection and plans next time.
After sending it I decided the e-mail to look for the information to this topic in the Internet and I hit on your website and for different stories of women and frauds of men which are writing are American soldiers.
Your stories are similar to my history and after reading this forum I didn't have doubts, that my Captain the Andy Preston is a swindler. Fortunately I didn't lose financially on this acquaintance as other women, since I was only at the beginning of the way to cheating me by this man. I wrote the this man, that I know that he is a swindler and from now on he is writing nothing and I am not in contact with him.
Regards ! El?bieta

#52476 by Dotti Tue May 03, 2011 1:07 pm
Welcome to scamwarners,

I'm glad you realized this was a scam before you lost any money.

The English tells me that the writer is definitely not American. The specific types of mistakes and some of the phrases he uses tells me that you are dealing with an African scammer.

The moment someone claiming to be in the US military asks you to make a request for him, you can be certain he is a scammer, as there is no process in which people from outside the military request anything for people in the military.

You are doing the right thing by cutting off all contact with him.

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