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#54914 by sissy Wed Jun 01, 2011 8:02 pm
Hello my name is Simone I'm from Brazil. I got into a social networking site and within weeks, a man saying to call Peter Jackson and was in mission in Afghanistan. He said he was widower 10 years had a daughter named Esther of 15 years and was an only child who saw my profile and fell in love with me. I believed your silly words sweet and charming, his promises of love. During the first day he asked me to cancel my profile on the site said I could not and he became very angry. Then he began to insist that I asked his commander to grant him a license to be able to come to Brazil to meet my parents and hit our situation sent me 4 photos. And I was believing that lasted just over a week, I began to feel strange to his insistence in asking that I request your license and not himself. One day during the afternoon began to poke around the Internet on applications for license and found this site I started to read it which was not that easy because I do not speak English and had to translate everything when I saw some posts similar to mine I was intrigued not want to believe , not that Prince had turned into a frog. The next day I decided to enter him in the game sent the email and received a term of license where I would blame me with a sum of money, when I spoke to him. he acted normally until I said I had no money and no could pay a debt that did not even know the value, it was a bit annoyed and told me he had no problem so I was saying yes to email, and it would solve the rest, So I decided to play a trump card that told him not to worry because the next day I was going to a lawyer and go to court to request his release so he was desperate not told me that I should not talk to anyone swobre was nothing to wait his time runs out and then he would see me. It was then that I was sure I felt the blow as much, but thanks to my curiosity and I knew this site deal with the situation. I would like to help me find out if there really is a sergeant Peter Jackson for 45 years, Florida's got the pictures he sent me if it is necessary to send you all to help other people not to evade as I do. On the shortage was almost injured. Hugs Sissy

#54920 by Dotti Wed Jun 01, 2011 10:12 pm

I'm very glad you learned the truth before you lost any money.

Could you please post the email address that this scammer was using, and some of the first emails he sent you?

Please make sure you stop emailing this scammer immediately.

I will check to see if we have an experienced member here who speaks Portugese as they may be able to help answer questions more clearly, and help you with getting information posted.

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