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#56834 by A.B. Sat Jun 25, 2011 2:22 am
Dear ******,
We need a number of committed Customer Service Evaluators for the Ayton Global Markets in Perris, CA.
Position offers flexibility, adequate bonus, own schedule and excellent rate of pay Interested applicants should forward their details as requested below in a reply email to enable us send more information.


· Minimum age - 21 years
· Must be presentable and clean cut
· Must be vigilant and judgmental
· Must be able to shop
· Must be observant and objective in judgment

We guarantee to proceed with more information about the position and paid training.All other details as to job schedule, job description and terms/conditions of contract will be sent on receipt of your confirmation.
No registration fees apply.


Kathy Green
Coordinator, North America Region
Ayton Global Market Research Inc.
A division of Aegis Group Plc

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#98967 by FreeAsAJBird Sun Apr 29, 2012 2:27 pm
I recieved an email that is too similar to this one not to raise suspision, the format of the email is almost identical. The slight differences are the name of the "company" is Mysteryshop Global Markets Inc, and the "Recruitment Coordinator" is Melanie Heinz. The job requirements are identical and the pay scale promises $180 per evaluation. Now it is still unclear to me if the posting I am responding to is stating the "Kathy Green Mystery Shopper" add is a proven scam or not. However, if so, could the job I am refering to be the real deal and the above mentioned possible scam be creating a similar image? It's all very confusing. I wish there was a trusted site I could go to, punch in some key info and be given word stating legitimacy or cases of fraud. :?
#98970 by Dotti Sun Apr 29, 2012 3:00 pm
Both are definite scams.

Legitimate mystery shopper jobs do not pay hundreds of dollars per evaluation, and you are not paid up front. The scammers want to use you to cash a fake check and forward money to them before the fake is discovered. When it is, you will be left in a lot of trouble and debt.

In a legitimate mystery shopper job, you will perform the task, submit the evaluation, and you will generally be paid (a simple purchase will pay less than $100) AFTER your submission is reviewed and approved. There is actually pretty significant competition for real mystery shopper jobs, and they will never be offered to you randomly via email.

Here is the FTC's overview of mystery shopper scams. ... lt151.shtm

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