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#58516 by scamsniffer Mon Jul 11, 2011 5:58 pm
Uses white model photos not of herself. Claims to be in Brooklyn NY but is actually in Africa-
Sent me only 2kb thumb nails of very low res.

Didn't know the correct time at the location she claims to be.

Could not furnish a US phone number for me to call and confirm her location.

Mildred bill Smith: what do you take me for,a liar or what
Dan D: you said 16:45
Dan D: one full hour earlier than the real time.
Dan D: Yes baby- you are a liar
Dan D: you are in AFRICA
Dan D: we both know it
Dan D: using white modle photos
Mildred bill Smith: then am sorry it was our clock pleaseDan D: not even photos
Mildred bill Smith: sorry sorry
Dan D: not sorry LIAR
Mildred bill Smith: what, i don't like that
Mildred bill Smith: stop this africa thing please

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