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#61266 by shocked76 Sun Aug 07, 2011 1:55 pm
I would just like to warn everyone of a person going under the name of Tavor Woods. He said he is in the UK allied forces as a special force agent and is in Afghanistan assigned to the Stabilzation Force of the North Atlantic Treaty in Kabul.He says he was born in London/Harrogate, went to Oxford Uni. He says he has a daughter by the name of Barbara who lives in a boarding school/Nursing home. His wife was killed in a auto crash accident. His father was English mother USA and sister lives in Canada. Has two houses in the West Midlands and no other family. He writes VERY sweet and kind emails and sends photos of "himself" and "daughter. Dauther is not allowed out of boarding school and is not allowed any phone calls in or out and she is 16 years old. I caught him out when he started telling me he was scared and wanted help to get out. He told me he wanted vocational leave and when one reads up on that there is no such thing. He asked me to help him pay £6750 for 18 weeks leave!!!!! Once I realized this was all a scam and asked him to leave me alone he is still emailing me and now asking me to forgive him, he now doesnt want my money and he loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me. May I add that the "daughter" also emailed me a few times but I was very unsure of this as both the tones of the emails from "him" and "her" were the same which made me wander. I just wanted to warn any other ladies out there and hope they dont get caught out by him - he uses the email address: Tavorwoods@hotmail and Barbaratavor@hotmail. Hope this helps someone else. He is also operating on facebook and I have contacted another person on his account and she was promised all that I was as well so this really confirmed the scam. May I also add that he did phone me from "Afghanistan" and this also led me to be unsure - I could hardly make out what he was saying due to a very strong accent of some sort and also his emails comprised of very bad english which led me to be unsure again and certain that he was not from the UK.

#61304 by Bubbles Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:28 am
Welcome to ScamWarners shocked76. It is great that you recognized that you were dealing with a scammer and did not send any money to him.

Your sense is correct, the "daughter" is the same person. A way to check that is to look at the Headers and the IP it reveals.

Thank you for posting this information up for others to find. Thank you for including the email addresses. [email protected] and [email protected]

You should be able to block the scammer and receive no more emails from him. Usually you have to delete his email addresses from your "Contacts list. If you would like further assistance, just ask! :D

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#61352 by goldikova Mon Aug 08, 2011 7:19 am
yes he is as scammer in his little booth in anigerian internet cafe i had one who said was ssgt us army was in nigeria at a nigerian army camp traing there soldiers all lies i checked with us embassy etc no us soldier goes to train nigerian soldiers he said he loved me etc wnate to get to uk so he xouls get his retirment money from us defense london office again i checked with us embassy there is no us defense office in london and what i was being told was a fake person he had nice pics american name etc even sent me hi pic on his passport but it didnt seeem as if tit was real like it had been put on it these people are scum and have no consideration for us at all :D
#61360 by began steele Mon Aug 08, 2011 8:05 am
QUITE RIGHT GOLDIKOVA. I am pleased to note that you are fully aware of what scammers do and are here taking a part in helping potential victims. We need people to give the time and experience and advice. Thanks.

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