Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#73049 by A.B. Fri Nov 04, 2011 2:52 am
Very cunning script. It's still a scam though.

Global Trading is a international organization specializing in the store brand consumer equipments. As a privately held business, Global Trading company provides a wide range of high quality inventory and services. They are able to guarantee their customers a exhaustive inventory solutions. The organization is searching for the best value, maximum flexibility and creative ways to manage products and clients' requirements.
They are recruiting a efficient Purchasing Specialist to oversee their Purchasing area. You will manage the buying, packaging and shipping process to guarantee scheduled production goals and meet clients' requirements.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
- Consult with stores concerning bid and terms of dispatch
- Consult with stores in accordance with organization strategies
- Expedite and realize the needful follow-up to guaranty the delivery of merchandises or services, to reach the schedules
- Coordinate new merchandises, stores and ways to achieve the best possible property, dependability, price and delivery.
- Increase various invoices and sheets concerning production schedules
- Control all delivery and purchasing invoices to ensure accurate reporting to corporate supervisor
- Contribute senior management in bringing new equipments and stores
- Fulfill special tasks as necessary within the procurement department
- Collaborate with other vendors

Requirements: An applicant must be able to perform each necessary duty satisfactorily. The capabilities indicated below are required.
- Must have positive attitude, excellent interpersonal skills
- Have to be able to operate from the computer and on the telephone to be instructed
- Have to be self-disciplined and dependable team player with perfect math and communication skills
- Have to be expert in the handling of Microsoft Office applications
- Need to be able to supply reporting and data statement per notified schedule
- Have to possess capacity of creating different initiatives

The organization offers:
- Full- and Part-time, Work-from-Home positions
- Base pay plus pay-off
- No traveling is necessary
- No relocation is necessary

If you are waiting for more than a job and seek a career with respected firm in a top industry then they wish to hear from you back.
To apply the company's opening, please reply to this email and you will be contacted by the direct employer and get more clear description about this advertising.
All applicants for this post must be a U.S. Citizen.
All individuals must be 21 years of age or older.

Daily News : editorial a new texas tea shale.

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#73559 by A.B. Wed Nov 09, 2011 12:41 am
Further scam script plus details on the scammers fraudulent domain:

Domain name:
Created 04-nov-2011
Expires 04-nov-2012


We noted your interest in our Purchasing Manager vacancy, which we opened last week. It is my pleasure to write to you with a description of the position and company.

The description of the position itself is attached as Job Description file. You will find more about the base wage, working schedule and hours, base commissions and benefits, location and the closing date for the position, about mission and the culture of our organization from that file. Full and Part time positions are opened. You are free to start as Part Time position and switch to Full Time later. This is work at home position (or anywhere you are) . There is NO relocation required. There is NO fee to apply.

Apart from that file, I send you company's Application Form. If you are interested, please complete the Application Form and return it to current email or by fax number listed below:
1) by mail: you may simply download the Application Form, complete the Application Form by required information and send it back to my email.
2) by Fax: you may simply download the Application Form, print it and complete by required information to send back at fax number listed below.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact me on my office extension. If for some reason you are unable to open my attachments, please let me know and I will send you these papers in another format. My telephone and fax numbers are as below. I am directing my personal attention to this matter.

Best Regards,
Ms Jane Green
Phone: 718 705 4915
Fax: 718 764 1710

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Date: Tue, 08 Nov 2011 14:51:23 +0200
From: Jane Green <[email protected]>
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Gecko/20101207 Thunderbird/3.1.7
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Subject: Full/Part time job is available, Purchasing Manager position, GTA
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#73614 by hartmanchiro Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:55 pm
This is still going on, but by searching this phone number is how i found this site so kudos for that. Craigslist is full of scams I am so glad this site was started, I will be posting much as time goes on. Anyway got the above scam this morning:Hello

Thank you for your letter responding to our advertisement about Purchasing Manager position which has become available in our organization. I have great pleasure in enclosing complete information about position and company as two attachments to my email. If for any reason you are unable to open my attachments, please let me know and I will send you these papers in another format.

To find more about the base wage, working schedule and hours, base commissions and benefits, location and the closing date for the position, about mission and the culture of our organization, please read over the Job Description file. We do not require any investments to apply or investments to start. We do not require your relocation.

If you are interested, please complete the Application Form and return it to current email or by fax number listed below:
1) by mail: you may simply download the Application Form, complete the Application Form by required information and send it back to my email.
2) by Fax: you may simply download the Application Form, print it and complete by required information to send back at fax number listed below.

Should you have any further questions or require additional information do not hesitate to contact me by phone or via email.

Best Regards,
Ms Jane Green
Phone: 718 705 4915
Fax: 718 764 1710
#73615 by hartmanchiro Wed Nov 09, 2011 1:56 pm
the job description comes attached but is copied below:
Purchasing Manager Job Description

Location: Countrywide
Industries: Consumer Packaged Goods
Supply, Customers Services Logistics, Retail/Reselling
Product Planning & Buying
Functions: Consulting – Management
Logistics/Supply Chain Import – Export
Consumer Products
Job Type: Full Time, Part Time, Permanent/Temporary Contract
Work place: Work At Home/FREELANCE, Office work
Compensation, $: Listed below

Based in Europe and Asia, we are going to enter the U.S. market now and are looking for new staff to our offices in the U.S.. We are determined to exceed the expectations of our clients' quality, value and style. Over 8 years, have given thousands of opportunities for our clients who could benefit from access to the best brand furniture, electronics, appliances, housewares and home computers; This is an opportunity for our future employees who will find a fast pace, and build a career with us.
In our company you will be part of a team-oriented for the customer, are responsible for purchasing materials and services to support our growing operations. You will become part of the organization on the basis of commodity procurement, and will play a key role in providing support services to a wide range of end users.
Since we work in four global regions of the world, we need motivated people to use for a variety of import / export operations. This position provides technical and administrative assistance to our department with a supply of the service purchase, delivery and customer service. We carry a variety of purchase and delivery of digital equipment, electronic and consumer goods necessary to the client. We are supplying components, raw materials and equipment requested by the client or required for the business.
Reporting to the head - the employee is responsible for coordinating the supply chain management activities including ordering, purchase and shipment. Under the leadership of attention, made the procurement of goods and services from local shops or the main suppliers such as household items, furniture, appliances, electronics, computers and other items that require special handling.
This position involves regular contact with the supervisor, to inform and be informed, to meet the needs of customers, such as regular and expected delivery dates and any special circumstances that would affect the supply of goods or resources. You have to check, monitor, and all material or products associated with the maintenance of the enterprise by the employer.
Your main duties include:
1) Preparation of information order companies regularly monitor e-mail and telephone to manage a variety of office equipment.
2) Receive orders for parts from the company: product specification (model, color, size, and others), the number, quality, price range, and additional details.
3) Communicate with stores and a variety of manufacturers for the goods necessary, interviews with vendors on price, the applicability of the product, service, quality and related issues; to obtain and provide information to the head of product availability, price, quality or description.
4) Determining the appropriate method of purchase (from local stores / merchants and online store), if the method is not specified by the company, preparation and processing of orders, preparation of relevant reports.
5) Ensure timely order to ensure timely delivery.
6) Acceleration of expired or pending orders, and coordinate their actions with shops / vendors chosen product, or delivery. Check the delivery date and schedule update for the production of online orders. Post supervisor of any changes.
7) Preparation and verification of all goods, materials and equipment from the order and direction of the end user or manager of the company, if necessary. Check products and invoices on arrival in the online orders. Preparation of any returned goods for shipment to the dealer.
8) Getting pre-paid shipping documents (USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx) from the head and prepared them for use. Preparation of goods, materials and equipment for the shipping (packaging, printing, labels, and attach the postage).
9) Preparation of the transportation of goods, materials, equipment for end users and managers. Provisioning efficient delivery and supply of products, fulfilling responsibilities over subordinates. Make the process of sending / receiving a clear and organized.
10) Maintain internal documentation related to transportation, receiving and logistics. Assist supervisor in determining the correct classification of accounting for all transportation costs.

The main responsibilities are focused on the client: The acquisition, production, packaging and transportation of goods. The employee is responsible for the procurement of goods, we must provide through Company's service. All unit prices, specifications, quantity will be clearly indicated. Clients and others responsible for determining what is necessary, i.e. requirements. You will be given a list of products and you need to purchase these items on behalf of the specifications of your manager directly. Suppliers may be local or nonlocal retail stores, distributors or manufacturers. They will be provided to you. Separate purchase (order) comprises from 1 to 20 points as a maximum.

Approximate basic responsibilities of the company:
Management costs; Order management and distribution of termination and / or effectively closing the season with liquidation of inventory items; Analyze and assist in budgeting and control operating expenses; Assist in maintaining the level and quality of effective procurement; Troubleshoot and solve everyday issues and problems. Assist in the creation of local customs in your area; Assistance in developing the company's brand and service advertising; Assistance in opening new offices in your area.

A wide range of goods for sale: Household items, clothing and accessories, home appliances, electronics (laptops, computer accessories, desktops, monitors, computer installation and services, network equipment, computers and accessories, televisions and digital tuners, audio and video systems, digital cameras, lenses, camera devices, gaming consoles, games, alarm system and components, security systems and components) and other similar items.

Acquired product requires additional processing, such as inserting a barcode, repacking, sorting, etc. All goods must be exported in a suitable package according to the type of goods.

The employee responsible for the complete service from the customer prior to shipment of components. You do not have to pay for shipping, because all items will be prepaid shipping documents from ongoing company. The duties of the employee is to send their equipment to the department when you call. Delivery specifications will be sent to you with your manager.

Money: You will be working only with the money of the company. The money will be allocated from the budget of the company, the products are purchased in advance. We do not demand any money from your own pocket. Tools to create shopping, packing and shipping will be transferred to the employee in the first place, so you can actively prepare for work. The Company shall reimburse the costs of your various additional materials, packing, driving, and more.

Place of work: a Work-At-Home or Freelance position with an open opportunity to start work in the office. We're going to open several offices in the U.S. and have to type in our office staff. No travel is required. No relocation is required. You have the right to perform their duties in your home or on the main job or elsewhere, may be more suitable for you.

Salary: Salary starts at 53,880/year in U.S. dollars as of November 1st, 2011 for Industry and Commerce ( To work with the original position, we offer:
• $ 34,200 plus / year with part-time employment.
• $ 52,800 plus / year at full-time as minimum. We are ready to offer more due to your experience & background. Resume is required.
Your salary will be paid monthly or biweekly by paycheck or direct deposit. We do not provide social benefits, sick leave, life and health insurance, and pension plans. In addition to receiving salaries, we offer cash bonuses and commission rates from 9.25% to 22.5%, which will raise wages.

How to apply: You must submit a completed questionnaire (please, take it as a standalone application), so our manager can contact you by email or fax. We look forward to your application. Please, send your resume if you have not sent it earlier.

Global Trading Associates
HQ address: Cours des Bastions 3, 1205 Geneve, Switzerland
IN# CH-660-1823003-3
#74341 by Nell Wed Nov 16, 2011 4:46 pm
What infromation are you basing you accusations of scam on? Sure, this sounds a bit peachy. However, have you researched it or are you just going by a gut feeling?
#74355 by Dotti Wed Nov 16, 2011 9:13 pm
There is NO DOUBT that this is a scam.

There are actually several things that tell us it is a scam, but in reality the very fact that they are offering to hand "company money" to perfect strangers with no purchasing experience based on limited online communication is an indicator right there. Real businesses do NOT operate in this way, period.

Need to post photos?
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#74383 by A.B. Thu Nov 17, 2011 1:58 am
Nell wrote:What infromation are you basing you accusations of scam on? Sure, this sounds a bit peachy. However, have you researched it or are you just going by a gut feeling?

No gut feel involved. I suggest that you start your research at the following links; ... b-or-scam/ ... -fraud.asp

And to a slightly lesser extent, here:
#74468 by Dotti Thu Nov 17, 2011 3:34 pm
Many of these scammers do "phone interviews" in addition to online communication. With cheap services such as skype and many voip options, it has become a pretty easy thing to do. It doesn't change the fact that they are scammers. This is not a legitimate job, period. There are no offices in the US, there is no legitimate company hiring random strangers to buy things for them. Any legitimate business that started trusting strangers in another country with their money would be out of business in a hearbeat, as word would get out and "employees" would soon walk off with their money and their merchandise.

This "established" company also registered its domain name less than 2 weeks ago, for one year, and immediately started hunting for targets. Another typical scammer tactic. Start quickly, hit the ground running, and don't register for the long term because we know our scam will ultimately be revealed anyway.

We do as much as we can to get the word out there. We try to help educate and inform, and help others to avoid being scammed. I can ask a baiter to get a little more info, but nobody here is going to get involved in an illegal scheme and risk their own reputation (and freedom) just to prove a point.

I understand how tempting this offer can be, and I can understand how much someone may want to give it a shot--of course, that's why the scammers are using this approach. But it is still a scam, and it can lead to some serious trouble.

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#77138 by Nell Wed Dec 07, 2011 3:32 pm
Global Trading Associates is indeed a scam. This is supposed to be a company that is based in Asia and is trying to expand to the U.S. Jane Green is your "supervisor". She states she is based out of New York. Please do not do business with them. They give you a bank account on which to pay off your credit cards. Once the credit cards are paid off, then you go purchase items on your card, keeping a percentage for your commission. After a month, they are to send you a company card in which to do your purchases. The month will never come. The the payments will be rescinded on your card and it will be closed out. From then on, you will never be able to get in contact with "Jane Green" again.
#77896 by Gomer Sat Dec 17, 2011 3:07 am
This is exactly what Global Trading with Jane Green as the 'supervisor' do! I am out over $22,000 in just one week of 'working' for them. They use Bank of America to send the fake tranfers, and get away with it because the bank isn't going after them and the credit card company only wants the money back from the victim, me in this case.
If anyone is curious how elaborate they are, I recorded milage each day, was told also to keep all receipts, etc.. I sent copies of ALL emails, reciepts, everyhting to my local police. Every lawyer I've talked to calls it a 'bad case' to prosecute too, so the bad news is, getting the word out seems to be the only recourse so far-the good news is it seems the word IS getting out.
To make sure less people fall for this, it works like this. They offer to send funds to your credit card, and they DO NOT ask for your credit card information, or for you to send them any money. Then you act in the capacity of a purchasing agent, and all the funds seem to transfer properly while you purchase Ipad2 G3's for them, using their money (so you think). By the time suspicion sets in at least 1 or 2 transactions have been made, and you are out at least 10-20 grand, when the funds start coming back as returned in about a week (even though Bank of America showed the funds as 'clearing' in the first 24-48 hours).

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