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#77697 by A.B. Thu Dec 15, 2011 1:13 am

You have been selected for assignment as a Detective Shopper
in your area. You will get $200 being a Detective Shopper.
Your employment packet will include funds for the shopping.

Full Job Description will be sent to you prior to your assignment.
Payment would be in a certain amount which you would be
required to cash a your Bank, deduct your salary, and have the
rest used for the evaluation at the store that would be given
to you for evaluate.

We would like you to participate becouse it's Fun & Rewarding.
After you Sign Up, You will have access to training materials.

Provide the following details if you interested.

Full Name :
Address (Not PO Box) :
State, City,& Zip :
Occupation :
Age :
Email :
Phone Number (Home&Cell) :

As a Detective Shopper You Work & Shop together for pleasure,
and You only work 2-3 hours twice in a week. We await your
good response, Thank You.

Best regards.
Mr.Peter cullen
620 Mendelssohn Ave N
Minneapolis, MN 55427-4310

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