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#50387 by whitehrl Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:08 am
Please, please beware!!! I met a man on a dating Web site and he made himself sound so perfect to me. We hit it off and my first warning should have been that he called me honey and babe the first day! He said he was a Major in the Army in Afghanistan and that his fiance had been killed in a car crash a year ago so he absorbed himself in work. He also said he was an only child and his parents were deceased and had no home to come back to when he was released from the Army. Why didn't I see that was all a scam? Because I wanted to believe it was real. But then a few days later he was asking me to fill out papers to have him released and I was going to be responsible for the fees involved. I was a little apprehensive so I checked on here and guess what??? Someone else got the same email as I did signed by the same individual except for a different Major's name!!! I will post the email after this. I do not believe that an email address ending in is a real military address. And I will tell you that after a week, I found this guy again on the same site with a different user name!!!!! So it was definitely a scam. I have so much other stuff to say but too long to write here! Just please BEWARE!!!!!!!

Here is the email I got granting his leave. Don't believe it!!!
"[email protected]" <[email protected]>

2 Files
Leave_Request_Form.[1].jpg (60KB); POLICY.jpg (45KB)

Your request has been processed and verified by our Leave Request Department. We are happy to tell you that Maj Ronald Packer would be granted leave. But first, there are some process that has to be taken before he could leave the NATO base. Attached with this email is a document you are to print out, Fill and email to us.
Also is the Policy and Instruction abiding all Family and friends requesting for an officer's leave.
Read the Instructions carefully and make a solemn signature as the Beneficiary.
You are adviced to do this as soon as possible as the department would not be liable for any delay caused.

Col. Jimmy Blain
Office Of The Commander of the 32th Infantry Division,
Leave Request Unit,
U.S Army
Kabul, Afghanistan

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#72200 by vra Thu Oct 27, 2011 6:57 pm
I meet a guy named Gary R.Donnelly on a site called tagged.
He is in Us Army Uniform claiming to be one of the active duty in war zone in Kabul Afghanistan..
In our chatting for mot up to a week h said i should help him so he could come to me in Africa.
And he therefore ask me to help him take a leave from the camp..not knowing it was a planned work..he later demanded for money that i have to send 550 usd in other for thier commander to approve the leave..

#72208 by badeley Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:27 pm
They are army and in the line of duty. How come they got time to be online...ahaksssss...
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#72252 by began steele Fri Oct 28, 2011 3:32 am
Could you give me the Tagged link please, and also the other email addresses used. You can post it here. We will add it to our attack list and their dirty business there will become harder to run. If you see my other posts around SW you will note that I collect a considerable quantity of material from Tagged. I can gather relevant stuff to add to this post and look closely at its links to other profiles to seek out the extent of what it does in Tagged.
I tend towards "working " as a Scam Hunter, but we have a collection of similar people who are good at blagging scammers into giving up what we want, and it can go a long way to fighting back and warning others.

We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. ~~ George Orwell.
#73896 by cookie Sat Nov 12, 2011 8:59 am
This is the name my scamer is using.
this is the first email he sent me.
I sent this earlier....I am not sure you got it.Please let me know if you do......

Thanks for leaving me your email address on the dating site. How are you, hope you are doing just fine?. I think it will be cool to start by telling you a little about me.I'm SPC Christopher Cindrich of the US Army and ISAF and I'm currently on deployment in Kaboul, Afghanistan. I have been single for 2 years since my marriage ended in such a painful manner.I think its about time i moved on now and find my self a good woman who i can hopefully spend the rest of my life with. I have got lots of love in me that i want to share.

I'm passionate, loving, caring, trusting ,honest, romantic and faithful. .And all i am looking for is that special woman to move on with.A woman that i can love and will love me back.A woman that i can do that simple things of life with and share and enjoy life together.I hope to get to know more about you.I love all kinds of music but i have special interest in Blues,Hip Hop,Rap and a lover Basketball,Tennis,swimming and Soccer and a big fan of Manchester united football club,I also love the simple things of life like watching sunshine and walking the beach with the right with woman is my heaven.

I want to meet the woman i can love,adore and spend the rest of my life with.I will also like to tell you that i am only interested in a serious and long term relationship as i want a more stable life now.I am so sorry if i sound too direct,its just that i wouldn't want to waste either your time or mine cause i have come to realized that life is too short to pretend.I have attach some of my recent pix and i hope you will like it.Do you have yahoo messenger or msn,I have yahoo messenger..Looking forward to read from you soonest.



And so on we have chatted for three weeks after a week he was saying how he loved me etc....i was aware of scams and because he was away i took it with a pinch of salt. He said he had asked for leave and i recieved an email to say he was granted leave and i had to pay. 3,500 USD. I had done some reasearch and know that they don't pay for leave. he claims he has taken out a loan for 2,000USD and if i don't lend him the balance he will lose his money and leave.

I have documents and photos so if you want to see them please get in touch as i am sure i am not his one and only..

Confirmation: Dubai - Manchester (27SLTH)

Hide Details
FROM: david jobe

Message flagged

Friday, 11 November 2011, 5:09

Message Body


Please find below SPC Christopher Samuel Cindrich flight details from Dubai to Manchester,United Kingdom.Military Chopper will fly him to Dubai on Monday 14th day of November 2011 .Please be informed that the SPC is yet to balance the processing fees,if the total charges is not paid by Monday he will not be allowed to travel with other departing officer on Tuesday.


Processing Officer

Major David Jobe


Manage my Booking

Complete your trip

Destination Guide

Flying Blue


Your booking is confirmed

The confirmation of your booking has been sent to you by e-mail. You will receive your e-ticket(s) at the same e-mail address.


Please make sure that you arrive at the airport on time.

We suggest that you always check in online if possible. This is an easy way to avoid queues at the airport.

All times mentioned are local times.

Please make sure you possess all valid travel documents during your entire journey.

• Travelling to or from Belgium? You can travel partly by train by exchanging your flight coupon for a train ticket. Read more about using a KLM ticket to travel by rail

Any other questions?
Feel free to contact the KLM Service Centre.

Your booking code

Please save your booking code. You may need to use this code in your correspondence with KLM and our partners.

Flight - Booking code


Total price

AED 4,210.00

Payment made at KLM office by US Army.

Thank you for booking with KLM. We wish you a pleasant flight.

Flight summary

Flight: Dubai - Manchester - One way

AED 4,210.00

Tue 15 Nov 11

Departure: Dubai - Manchester

Tue 15 Nov 11

07:50 Dubai (International Airport, United Arab Emirates) -
12:15 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands)

Class: Economy
Flight number: KL 0430
Aircraft type: Airbus A330-200 | view seat map
Operated by: KLM
The waiting time until the next flight is 4h05

Tue 15 Nov 11

16:20 Amsterdam (Schiphol, Netherlands) -
16:40 Manchester (Manchester Intl., UK)

Class: Economy
Flight number: KL 1093
Aircraft type: Boeing 737-800 | view seat map
Operated by: KLM

Total travel time



Mr Christopher Cindrich (adult) Please note that your name is spelled "CHRISTOPHER MR CINDRICH" on your ticket

Telephone number 1


Telephone number 2


E-mail address

[email protected]

Seat preference


Price specification




Booking fee

Fuel surcharge


Airport Passenger Service Charge


Airport Passenger Service Charge


Security charge


Netherlands noise isolation charge

Security tax


Price (per passenger)


AED 4,210.00

Departure flight : Dubai - Manchester

Reply to david jobe


its not copied very well but this is confirmation of his flight home if i pay the balance, the heat is now being turned up on me.....
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#79600 by lady_chanel05 Mon Jan 02, 2012 11:38 pm
:evil: Oh My God i think im no alone. well i see diferent history the same like me, in my case i don't send any money im lucky :=) and start investigate this person, him supposed in afghanistan her name Mark Hollenbeck and email [email protected] have two account in fb for diferent profile pictures and he say working for US Army command Airbone yeah right. i check the email all from sunnyvale in CA. the only reason i stay en here is this no fear. who is this people use the picture and profile for the Military. of course i not fall in love really fast for this reason im investigate :laugh-s: I don't now is really name for the some militar,but take care and thanks for this web. God Bless
#79736 by vpj Tue Jan 03, 2012 8:48 pm
I am having this issue as well he is saying he is a Nurse in the Army stationed out of CA at Camp Pinington he is in Afghanastan and has asked for a computer and a cell phone and a care package sent to someone in the US who is his captains wife and then she will send it to him and his captain. I checked out the person and address he wants me to send this too but have not sent anything at all to him. Now he is asking me to mail his post and ask for him to come home because I miss him. This is something that I am weary about and do not feel comfortable doing. I know as an ex military wife that I have had my ex husband when we were married come home early from Korea but only because I went through the red Cross because of a medically necessary surgery. I was wanting to find out if this was a scam and if it is wanted to make sure I DO NOT go any further with his requests. His email is [email protected] he stated his wife died of a drug overdose and his son lives in Los Angeles, CA with his mom. My thing is that I have tried to find info on this person but can only find a myspace account and nothing more then that. Originally met him on Tagged dating site. any info is appreciated.
#79737 by Dotti Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:12 pm
Welcome vpj,
There is absolutely no doubt that this is a scam.

As a former military wife, you should realize that not even a wife can request leave for her husband because she "misses him." And she doesn't contact the military to apply for leave either. In a family emergency such as the one you had years ago, you would work with the Red Cross, not his commanding officer. The Red Cross would determine if your situation qualified for emergency leave, and they would act as go-between to make it happen if they determined it qualified.

And the policy above applies to the legal spouse of the soldier. You are a civilian who has been in contact with this person via email. You have not met face to face. You are not married, nor are you an immediate blood relative.

As far as the military is concerned, you are an unconnected civilian, and might as well be a perfect stranger--which means that even a life-threatening medical situation would not make the soldier eligible for any kind of leave.

In the real world of the US military, the soldier applies for leave himself, through internal military channels. He does not pay any fees, and there are no forms for the people he plans to visit to fill out.

If you have been corresponding with someone claiming to be in the US military, and he asks you to request ANYTHING for him from the military, then he is a scammer, not a soldier, plain and simple.

Need to post photos?
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#79739 by vpj Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:37 pm
Thank you for this information this is what I thought was going on.

How do you post an Image to this forum?
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#79740 by lady_chanel05 Tue Jan 03, 2012 10:40 pm
Please somebody help me this man send me the email again. and block him for my email. im so really scared now of course i don't replay. i check the dating page because im report him and the account erase :=) but this is the message him send me today: :twisted: sonia, you are soo funny and i can see that in you, dont you know we are from America? the server that we use here is directly connected from USA, i am sure you will know ure making a mistake yourself, dont just push and come to conclusion just like this okay, what do you gain in it when we fight? tell me baby..
yeah right. thanks again and please i have anothers picture for him. i want download here... thanks and yes the picture here is him but have another fb. :lol:
#79784 by ratt84 Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:29 am
found him on the following sites:
Jordan Knoc
private profile
Jordan Knoc
Male, 41, GAITHERSBURG, New York
My name: Jordanknoc
Birthday: 1970-10-10
Relation type: Any
My country: United States
State: New York
My city: New York
My hello phrase: I will tell you more about Name is sgt.jordanknoc , am 5'8" tall .am (43 years old) , i love to swim , cook and a walk in the park will be great too , i enjoy the outdoors too , i love color blue and my eye is hazel , i am single and need a serious relationship , distance to me is no barrier i can always relocate to anywhere around the world . distance is only measured by miles not with heart ,and home is where your heart is . Am here searching for the right woman i can share the next and all my life chapter with , someone i can grow old with , someone i can watch the sun set with . a honest woman, I am only child of my parents...i moved to the states when i was 4 years dad
My height: 6' 10" (2.08 m.)
My weight: 130 lbs. (59 kg) :lol:
My hair: Dark Brown
My eyes: Blue
My body type: About average
The best part of my body: Lips
My race: White / Caucasian
About race: For get about that for now '
My marital status: Widowed
Kids: One
About kids: Not sure
My living situation: Live alone
Live with kids
My favourite pets: Dogs
About me
46 years old

am sgt jordan knoc i need one how can make me happy ones again

#79785 by ratt84 Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:37 am
with his FB pic he's got a clone on FB ... 2873774967
Alex Wane
worked at US Military
lives in Los Angeles, California
knows American English, English
from Los Angeles, California

About Alex
Hi Dear...I'm Sergent Alex wane by name,how are you doing today?i'm single and you?


and with the 2nd pic he's on MS again
Alex Vasquez
Male, 37, Qalat, Zabul Province, Afghanistan
#79808 by vpj Wed Jan 04, 2012 7:46 am

This is the picture I was sent. He is now sending more info this am I will post when I get it then block his info. Thank you all for the info

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