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#85265 by Mulvi Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:45 pm
Looks like Mr. Paul Prince has a new e-mail address and a whole new scam. It's really the weirdest scam attempt I've ever received considering that the e-mail claims that this individuals is devastated by the death of Gadaffi! Seriously, GADAFFI! I'm looking forward to the next e-mail promising me the massive fortune that belonged to Osama Bin Laden and how his death was truly heartbreaking.

My names are Paul Howard Prince, a Lawyer. Am based in the UK.
I have been a close friend and lawyer to Muammar Gaddafi the former president of Libya for 15 years. I have been waiting for this moment with great anguish, Gaddafi's death have caused me pains. He refused to heed my advice to vacate office when i asked him to do so, he was a very resolute man. Am greatly sorry for him and his family.

Gaddafi entrusted Millions of Dollars to me for safe keeping for him abroad, he called it "COMMANDER'S RESERVE" now that he is dead i need someone very reliable to act as the beneficiary of the funds, and as the lawyer in charge i will arrange all the legal documents making you the beneficiary/heir to the funds. I need you to also know that this transaction is highly confidential since nobody else knows about the funds aside me. Please treat this matter with the confidence it deserves. My intentions is to invest the funds in Real Estate/Motel/Hotel and Resort. Or in any other business/investment's interest's and concerns you may advice or suggest.

Please read the link for your perusal.

http://www.montrealgazette.com/news/Com ... story.html.

I need an experienced person like you to assist me in setting up, developing the project's, managing and assuming responsibility of ownership as chairman, but will be bringing in profit monthly or annually. I need you to know that this is very urgent now, with your consent i will send you more information.

Please contact me through my private Email: [email protected]

Paul H. Prince. Esq.

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