Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#87024 by Norman Barlleo Thu Feb 23, 2012 6:31 am
This is a scammer for Ghana. He has no money for you and all he wants is to steal from victims. Please don't send him any money or you will lose it forever.
This is his information:

His email addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

His scam emails:

Hello Dear

My name is Captain. George Habash. i am a Libyan seaman that used to work write in a Libyan Vessel abandoned in Ghana when the regime of Ghadaffi collapsed.

I am here in Ghana wanting to get out of this country with my fund which I deposited with in a commercial bank here and in my name.

I want you to partner with me so that I can instruct my bank to wire transfer the money to your country so that you and I can do a business in your country on joint venture basis.

I have seen your profile and indeed am very satisfied that you can do some thing positive with me. My fund is 7 million dollars and I want it to grow beyond your generation and that of mine.

Note that my fund will be released to your account through a bank to bank wire transfer and that all charges in respect of the transfer process will be deducted from the fund as regards.

Process Fee, Legal Profile Fees, Affidavits, Stamping or Court Processing Fees, Opening Account Deposit Fee, Activation Fee, Legal Retainer Fees, Stamping Fees, Affidavit Fees, Transfer Fees, Transfer Code Number Charges, COT Code Fees, Non-Resident Levy Tax Payment, Anti Terrorist Certificate, Affidavit of Claim Fees, Insurance, documents delivery fee

Indeed everything directly concerning my good self which will require charges on my fund during the wire transfer process, such charges will completely be taken care of by me and it will be deducted from the fund.I look forward to hearing from you thanks.

Yours truly.

Many thanks for acknowledging receipt of my last email. Please be informed that the Supreme Court Proforma Invoice has just issued by them. Find attached a copy of it.

You should in line with the Proforma Invoice send the 480 Pounds through western union money transfer in the below name:


As soon as you send the money do send to me via email the western union details including the scaned copy of the wester union receipt.

Please do feel free to let me have your phone call or you can call me on tel: +233 245 379 151.

I look forward to hearing from you and receiving the western union details so that I can submit the information to the Supreme Court to enable them claim the money, and release the original copy of the Authorization so that the bank can wire transfer the fund.

Thank you for your co-operation while I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly.
Captain. George Habash.

The phone number he uses:
+233 245 379 151

Attention: Sir,,

Many thanks indeed for your swift reply and your acceptance to partner with me in the objective of relocating my fund for investment out of.

I must be very honest to you the corruption level in Ghana is incredibly high and it is to an unspeakable level. It has cost me fortune here to get to the level of passing all the protocols as a refugee before I was able to deposit the money with a bank. As a refugee the fund was not going to be accepted by the bank, but had to be accepted only as a Non Resident owner fund, meaning that the essence of the deposit is to wire transfer the money out of Ghana.

I insisted that they should deposit the fund as an ordinary resident deposit but the bank refused because the Authority will look at the fund as money brought into the country to support the government opposition in their forth coming election. You know the country's election is coming up this year and they had to frustrate me from depositing the money unless it will be deposited as a Non Resident owner fund in readiness for a wire transfer out of Ghana . The government in power here presently does not want to see huge money come into the country for fear of the opposition getting much finance for their election.

This country is corrupt indeed but my happiness is I will soon depart from here with your acceptance to partner with me.

Please to commence in the process of this wire transfer, I will need to go to the Supreme Court on Monday with the assistance of the UN refugee personnel to submit request for the Authorization to wire transfer the fund out of Ghana as well as to change the ownership of the fund into your name. This is because by the laws of this country it will be easier to transfer the fund if it the money is in the name of a Non Resident.

The point here is as soon as the request for the Authorization is submitted on Monday at the Supreme Court of Ghana (Admin Department), they will change the fund ownership into your name . Also they will mandate the bank to wire transfer the fund into your bank account.

I therefore request you to in your reply send to me the account information where you will like the money to be released into through bank to bank wire transfer.

Indeed I will like this wire transfer exercise to be concluded within Monday to Friday next week so that as soon as you receive the fund, I can fly out of Ghana . I am tired of this country and their law. The earlier we conclude the better for me because even with the fund in the bank as a Non Resident owner fund, the law does not give me access to the fund because it is specifically meant for wire transfer.

That is the frustration of every Non Resident owner fund here.

Please feel free to let me have your phone number and do let me know in your reply the best time that I can call you because of the time difference.

I look forward to receiving your reply and the bank account information where you want the money to be transferred into. Please remember that my transaction and partnership with you is of Non disclosure status and therefore I will like you to keep the whole transaction confidential until the money has entered your bank account.

I thank you for your co-operation in that regard and it is my hope that you understand. Please do not fail to let me have your full namd and address to enable me obtain the fund ownership mandate at the court.

Yours truly

Captain. George Habash.

These are his fake documents:



DON'T tell the scammer that you found him in this site. Just cease all communications with him and move on.

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