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I never knew the activities of Dr.James Harris my caring lover until he was arrested by the police in Brazil under Hard Drugs Charges that took his life in jail recently.Regardless of my age of 23 and qualification as a university graduate,Harris took me as a baby in his arms by buying a house for me in East London while I reside in a different house he rented and paid monthly till his death.He spoilt me with pleasures and relaxation.And love during his occasional visit to me because he lived in Cardiff.He promised to marry me in the next two months.

He never wanted me to work, rather he issued a STANDING ORDER to his bankers and resolved that I should be allowed to make cash withdrawals or remittances from his deposit account at my discretion.Harris stamped and signed some of his cheque sheets but never wrote in the column of Date,Amount Payable and Name of Payee.These three columns in the cheque sheets were left for me to fill according to my demand.He left these cheques with me even before he traveled to Brazil and I have been cashing them for my financial needs.

Now the cheque book remains only one uncashed cheque sheet and his account balance remains: Fourteen Million,Three Hundred and Sixty-six Thousand Pounds, (BRITISH CURRENCY).I need it all because I want to relocate to another country or province.I still want to marry.I want to use the only remaining cheque sheet to clear all the account balance either in cash or remittances,but I don't have financial strength now to register for a bank account.I don't have a bank account and I will not keep such amount of money in cash in my house.

Be my friend! Please I'm in a confused state of mind on what to do about this.
Can you help me to clear this remaining money with this remaining cheque?.I need your Help and assistance. I can share with you.
In all confidence,Dr.Harris bankers does not know that Dr.Harris is dead.

Please Reply.

Be Blessed!

With Love From,

Ms.Linda Morris

If you wish you can email me at
[email protected]

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