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The inspiration to contact you is simply divine providence, I am making in this proposition because I have to seek the partnership of a reliable person to help me realize this project. Let me start by introducing myself. I am Mr Corban Frater an international business consultant, am based in the United Kingdom. Previously on a year auditing contract with a financial company in Abuja Nigeria. I discovered some viable and legal funds deposit with this financial company without a beneficiary.

I have an obscured business suggestion for you and as well I seek your services in this private and confidential matter which will benefit the interest of the both of us.
On my inspection and auditing with this financial company I discovered some boxes containing sum huge amount of funds in cash and they are all in United States dollars. I write to seek your indulgence and assistance in the securing and the receiving of this box containing this fund as the beneficiary. We will move this fund to your country through legal means as am in the position of making you the beneficiary of this deposit containing this fund through an insider who works at the financial company.

I am proposing to make this deal with you for us to go into investment with the funds we will realize out of the boxes. Please note that every piece of information I am giving you is based on information verified and confirmed by me before contacting you. At the conclusion of this transaction, you will be given 50% of the total amount, 50% will be for me. We will both join hand together to bring this to a safe and successful conclusion with our maximum corporations.

Let me know if you can handle this transaction by responding back to me by email or providing a telephone number where you can be reached personally and confidentially.

Thanks, I expect your reply

Best Regards,

Mr.Corban Frater

If you wish you can email me at
[email protected]

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