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I am Bernard Johnson the only son of late former Director of finance in Republic of Ivory Coast ,
I must confess my agitation to you, and my words are my bond in this proposal. My late father
diverted this fund acquired from the over influencing of price of sales/purchasing of Cocoa, now
he deposited the amount of money $8.500.000 Million Dollars with a Security Company in Ghana as a
family treasure, a two trunks boxes contain money In Ghana. I am residing under political asylum
here in Ghana after the civil war in my country. Now the war in my country is over with the help
of France soldiers, the present government of Ivory Coast has revoked the passport of all officers
who served under the former government regime and now ask countries to expel such person at the
same time, freeze their account and confiscate their assets, it is on this note that I am
contacting you, all I needed from you is to furnish me with your full support to help me reclaim
the funds out of security company in Ghana right now.

I am compensating you with 15% of the total money amount, now all my hope is banked on you and I
really want to invest this money in your country, where there is stability of Government,
political and economic welfare. Honestly, My late father Chief Edward Johnson gave me the
Original of the deposit certificate issued to him by the Security Company in Ghana on the date of
deposit, and he called me closer to his bed side before his call to glory (R.I.P) that I should
pray to God first, before contacting any foreigner and he warned me strictly not to deal with a
greedy and evil minded people since this is the only legacy we are inheriting from him.

Please, for you to be clarified because, I do not expose myself to anybody I see, I believe that
you are able to keep this transaction secret for me because this money is the hope of my life, it
is important. Please contact me immediately after you must have gone through my message, and feel
free to make it urgent. That is the reason why I offered you 15% of the total amount, and in case
of any other necessary expenses you might in cure during this transaction including your telephone

N.B: Try and negotiate for me some profitable blue chip investment opportunities which is risk
free that I can invest with this money when it is transferred to you in your country, and you will
be our guardian, personally I am interested in estate management and hotel business, please advise
me. Contact me immediately you receive this message for more explanation. And promise me and my
younger sister to be a father considering our situation and not to betray us please.

Thanks and God bless you and your family,

Best regards
Bernard Johnson
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