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I decided to contact you because of my current situation in the refugee camp here in Togo and please, God can touch you to understand and give me your helping hand.ihas promise to give you all my trust, it may be surprising to hear my life story.

I Moonna Jama, 25, a student of medicine (5'7 "tall). I am the only daughter of Mr.Desmond Cleng, of blessed memory from Zimbabwe,
My late father, Dr. Desmond Cleng Jama was during the current crisis against the farmers in Zimbabwe from the support of President Robert Mugabe to claim all the white-owned farms to his party members and his followers,
My father is a malty most successful farmers in our country and why not support Mugabe `s ideas,
Mugabe's supporters invaded his farm and burnt everything in the farm, kill him and made away with a number of items in my parents farm.it only me that is alive now.

I am now writing you from Togo where I escaped with the help of the United Nations, and now seeking asylum in the refugee camp here in Togo.
So now I'm looking for a reliable and honest person who will help change me in your country for a better life continuation of my studies .. I chose to contact you after going through your profile and believe you are a trustworthy person that will not disappoint me or betray my trust.

I know you may wonder why am I so adamant about this, even without seeing or knowing that you perfectly well, actually something tells me you're a good person and I do not think I'm wrong.
So in summary I would like to spread a little more about me for you and see if you can help change me come to your country to continue my studies and have a new love life, and please, this is a secrete little and I plead with you to keep it to yourself alone, until everything is properly arranged and performed then I will come to accompany him on his country.

I have the sum of $ 4.8 million, as an inheritance from my late father that I would like to invest in your country with your help. This money is deposited into a bank and I'm going to give you all the information contact because I want money to be transferred to your account before I came to join him in his country. I need your urgent response on its ability to handle it for me so I'll tell you the next step, because I want to leave this refugee camp as soon as possible. Life here is like hell without love, without love and without comfort. More importantly, I love my studies and nothing is happening here and people here are not friendly.please contact me now on::::: [email protected]:::::.

So kindly let me know your availability to help me and I promise to be always good for you.
I send you my picture and hope to have your,if you are interested to help me please send me your contact,

1, FULL NAME.....
2, YOUR AGE.......
4, ADDRESS.....

If you wish you can email me at
[email protected]

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