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#9054 by Donald Duck Thu Apr 16, 2009 3:11 am
This bank exist,but those emails are going to scammers,they just use those real web sides
if someone want to see them.
I sended some trash to scammers and they wanted to pay their fees by Western Union.
No bank is using Western Union.
And Belinda Jones is sounding comical...heh...heh...

Please , I Want You To Contact The Bank Tomorrow Morning And Get Back To Me?
Lähettäjä: Belinda Jones ([email protected])
Lähetetty: 13. huhtikuuta 2009 12:47:28

I received your mail and the contents was well understood, i have been given the contact information as the bank have decide to release the fund into your account once they hear from you.

Also I will like you to know that we have to proceed without wasting any more time since you are with me I will like you to hang all what ever you are doing for now and let us face this transaction with all our mind so that within few days you will call me for good news that you have received this money in an account which you will provide to the bank where my late father deposited this money.

However,I really thank you so much for your concern towards this transaction which I believed that with your urgent respond as I command you to do in few days you shall call me for good news that you have received this fund in your account.

on saturday, i was at the bank where my late father deposited this money as i have make you the Favour and the Beneficiary of this money.

As you are already known that am urgently in need for this money to be transfer into your account so that I will be coming to your country and continue my education in one of the university there while this money will be wisely invested by you in the investment which you like and after the percentage of the total money transfer into your account which was instructed by my late father before his sudden death to compensate your effort input during this transaction, the profit that we make in the investment will be share between you and me.

Now the Director of the bank told me that they will like to hear from you on the phone to enable them to tell you their requirement to transfer this money into your account which you will provided to them.

Please I will like you to call the bank immediately you received this mail and tell the bank director that you are calling on my behalf, with this statement the bank director will recognise you and tell you their requirement to enable them to transfer my late father's money into your account.

Here is the contact of the bank where my late father deposited this money for you to contact them immediately on my behalf.

Banque Atlantique Abidjan Coted'ivoire
Immeuble CRRAE-UMOA Boulevard Botreau Roussel, Derrier la BCEAO, Face A la Rue des Banques Abidjan Plateau Republique de Cote d'ivoire
01 BP 1874 Abidjan 01, Coted'Ivoire
Telephone Number :(+225) 46 52 85 72
Bank Email: ([email protected])
Private email ([email protected])
The Director Name ( Dr Micheal Albert)

Meanwhile, I dont know you and you dont know me, we are doing this transaction based on trust and as a matter of degency.Please i want you to know that i have put all my hope and trust in you by giving you the bank contact for you to apply for the claim of the fund into your account and once the fund is release into your account i will prepare to join you in your country to continue my education as i have told you.

I will be expecting your respond immediately as far as you are capable of handling this transaction as am too young to handle this huge amount of money which my late father left behind for me to live for the rest of my life.

Thanks once more and GOD Bless you and keep you safe for me till I come over to your country after this money is confirm in your account.Please in your next message i will like you to send me youre phone number so that i can be able to call you.

Please Mr Peter, i will like you to contact the bank fist thing tomorrow morning so that th bank can start the transaction immediately.
Best regards.
Expecting to hear from you soon
Belinda Jones :rolley:
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Every day, we are assaulted by stories of stupid people -- many of whom use their stupidity for personal gain. From time to time, though, we hear of those who strive to achieve new levels of stupidity.

#9055 by The Enchantress Thu Apr 16, 2009 6:55 am
Yes Donald. It is absurd that a Director of a Bank would use rocket mail. A certain scam.

Private email ([email protected])
The Director Name ( Dr Micheal Albert)

The bank has been used by many scammers, this one is mailed from Spain and translated from French.

Return-Path: <[email protected]>
Received: from, Spain, telepolis.com
From: "banqueatlantique Atlantic <[email protected]>
Subject: Congratulations!

Bank Atlantic

Honorable Correspondent,

On the occasion of the expansion of its business and marketing, the financial institution named ATLANTIC CREDIT Sis in Abidjan Côte d'Ivoire has organized a raffle for any natural or legal person residing or not in Côte d Ivory and an email address.

For that organized the raffle prizes were as follows:
- 1st Prize: A SIPIM Villa located in Abidjan with a value of € 52,500
- - 2nd Prize: A sum of € 42,500
- - 3rd Prize: A sum of € 32,500
- - 4th Prize: A sum of € 22,500
- - 5th Prize: A sum of € 12,500
- - 6th Prize: A sum of € 6,500
and several other lots intermédiaires etc. ...

At the end of the raffle, your email address was selected at random and designating you as the lucky winner of the 3rd prize is the sum of Thirty-two thousand five hundred (32,500 €) EURO. This is a gain reliable and there is no doubt you do about it.

Accordingly, we ask that you send us an urgent message with the confirmation code CB 00701212708-06 and your name and address you specify for the withdrawal of your earnings.

We recommend discretion and do not share your code to win so that we avoid situations with multiple winners with the same code Be very discreet with regard to third parties until the delivery of your prize.

Our institution sends you its warmest congratulations for this win.

Banque Atlantique Cote d'Ivoire
imeuble Atlantic Avenue NoguèsAbidjan

Director of the Atlantic this bank

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