Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#91106 by SAMU Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:09 pm
this was the mail i received. i believe all these are fake. seems like real.i replied them asking about the registration. they are not even replying me. they never pick up their phone.they will only call our number.

jOB OFFER from CB International Products and Trading
Sandra Adrian [[email protected]]

Our company would like to offer you the Purchasing Manager position for the reason of your resume and application form. You are offered th position without interview but with one month of probation period. Our probation period it's one month from your actual start date which allows us and you to understand how much we can make together. Your actual start date is a day when your first purchase order would be completed.

You will be paid once in two weeks during probation period. Your wage is indicated in our job offer attached to this email. Please see attached files to get more details about your salary, work hours and other. Also, I attached Payroll Form which must be filled and send back by email or fax. Your Payroll Form form could be send during next 10 days from your actual start date.

Please look other all attachments to this email and let me know your comments or questions. I have to find out can you accept our work conditions during probation period or not? Please let me know about it via email. It is not necessary to sign Offer because you are required to send your acceptance as an email back. If you would like to accept our position then send me back your email with answer.

There are two additional files attached to my email with general information about position and start process. Our Company is absolutely new company in the USA market and you could not find more information about us. If you would like to check our company legitimacy then please fell free to visit or (Please will not forget select an English language). Please use our company's name or registration number which are indicated in our job offer to find and check us.

If you need more information to understand process, please ask me about Example by email. If you need my answers, please contact me immediately!

This is a 1099 work from home position. If you do have a current employment then you can stay with ones during the probation period. We do not ask you keep our position as main job before you pass probation
period(3-4 weeks).

CB International Products and Trading ,
Sandra Adrian
Phone: 6467559284
Fax: 8886815820
they even sent me some forms for pay check deposit

Section I: Employee Information
Please print out the form and fill it in completely. Remember to sign the form; we cannot process your request without your signature.
Full Name :
Address :
Date of Birth. :
Home Phone :
Cell Phone :
Email address :

Paycheck Direct Deposit
(Please put a line under necessary)
I would like to get my salary by:

Section II: Paycheck Authorization
Please forward my salary payment by check to address as follows:
Street :

If you completed Section II, you do not need to complete Section III

Section III: Direct Deposit Authorization
Please note! To receive the salary payments by Direct Deposit you should indicate the personal banking information. Please confirm that you do have an agreement to complete the form listed below
Employee Signature _____________________________________

Please forward my salary payment to my financial institution as follows:

Financial Institution Name:
Financial Institution Address:
Routing/Transit Number:

Account Number:

Account Type:

Employee Signature: Date:
_________________________________________ ________________________________
Check your statement to verify that this Salary Form has been processed accurately.
Please return the completed form to your manager.
With reference to your application, we are pleased to appoint you on Supply Chain/Purchasing
Manager position in our organization on the following terms and conditions.
Date of Joining: You can join us from March 19th, 2012. Your actual start date could be changed or
moved if you (or your supervisor) found impossible to start as mentioned.
Salary: Your Gross Salary from the company would be $1,900.00/ per 2 weeks plus additional
commissions. You will be paid biweekly (once in 2 weeks) by method of payment selected in our Payroll.
Hours of work: There are no normal working hours; there is a position with flexible work schedule. The
required minimum of hours per week is 28. You may be required to work outside these hours and on
Probation: You will be employed on the basis that the initial period of 30 days will be a probationary
period. Your probation period is paid a normal monthly salary.
Supervisor’s name: You will report to Sandra Adrian as your personal supervisor.
This appointment letter is being issued to you on the basis of the information and particulars furnished by
you in your Application.
Please confirm in writing if you wish to accept this offer. You can send your confirmation by email to your
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours Sincerely,
Ralph Becker
Your first working month is a probation period for each employee. During this term the Company gets a
complete picture of your abilities and potential volume of work. At the end of probation period, we will clearly see: the
time you can perform the order; the order type that you can do best; how accurately you complete each assignment;
how many orders you can done at month.
Probation period Objectives:
1. Provide new employee updates of guidelines, directives, tasks etc.
2. Provide new employee an overview of the ordering, purchasing, shipping process;
4. Provide new employee an understanding of Purchasing and Shipping Process.
5. Provide new employee an overview about financial operations: work transactions; cash flow; wage payments;
commission rate; reimbursement program; preparing financial statements.
Purchasing Manager Responsibilities during probation period include managing all process from the initial
purchase till complete shipment to the end user. The role of the manager includes buying different goods from retail
stores by order information provided from company.
You will perform your main activities autonomously but you will get a clear instruction about vendor, pricing, items'
description, packaging details, shipping information. This information will be provided by Company. You are
responsible to purchase different goods including materials, equipment and services which the company gives to its
Work scheme:
· step 1 – you receive the money from company through one of money transfers listed below
· step 2 – you receive your assignment information from your supervisor
· step 3 – you complete order functions: products research, price and shipping term negotiation
· step 4 – you complete the order purchase
· step 5 – you complete the order shipment to the end customer or company’s manager
· step 6 – you receive next order for next fulfillment
The main aim of your probationary period is a volume of your work to create your personal Work Plan. After your
probation period we will be able to supply a company’s Credit Card to you. The amount of your personal credit line
from company will be calculated after your first working month and depends on the total orders amount at the end of
1st month. Therefore, it is in your best interest to work well during the first month. The Company is responsible for
establishing individual employee’s credit limit.
The Money Transfer Details
You must be able to receive a company's money to make any kind of assignments. We have 2(two) ways to receive
money from company for purchases: to your credit card account OR to bank account. We require you to have your
own credit card or your own bank account to receive money from company. Your are required to use your own credit
card or bank account to receive company's money during probation period(3-4 weeks) only. The company's
credit card will be supplied to you after probation period.
NOTE! You should NOT give us any your personal details like a credit card number, credit account number
and other. We do not ask you send us these details to get money from company. Instead of this you will be given
our company's bank account information to manager it. You will be doing money transfers yourself from company's
bank account. You will get necessary details from your supervisor.
Way #1 Money transfer to your credit card account
You can receive company’s money into your charged credit card. The money transfer into your credit card
account(s) is a transfer from company’s bank account into your credit card account. You should not give
your credit card number for this operation type. There is a way to pay off your card from company’s bank
account and deposit an available credit to your card.
You are required to use already charged credit card or credit card with unpaid balance, credit card
with outstanding balance or already maxed card. If you have no available credit on your card then it
is better to use that card for this transfer type. We do not require to use a card with available credit
because our money will be supplied to your upfront the purchase.
To make the money transfer into your credit card you should use the company's bank account
number and your charged credit card (a credit card with outstanding balance). You should simply pay
off the credit card balance from company's bank account(to make the balance payment) and the available
credit would be posted to your credit card during next 12 hours. The bank account information will be
provided from yours supervisor.
You can make the credit card balance payment:
1) by phone (call to your credit card company customer service number)
2) the balance payment online (go to your on-line credit card account access)
You will be given the Company’s Account information like listed below:
Bank name : XXXX
Account name: XXXX
Account type: XXXX
Account number: XXXXXXXXX
Routing number: XXXXXXXXX
For example: You receive :
Bank name: Bank of America
Account name: International Products and Trading
Account type: Business
routing #: 5222345
account # : 2364524684 (please do not use this account, because it’s a trial account)
You will use the account details to make a balance transfer and pay off your credit card balance. The credit card
type is acceptable to use: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover. The company's money would be
posted to your card as available credit during 12 hours from the balance payment time.
As many the balance our company pays on your card As many you will be required to spend for
purchases. The example listed below.
You can manage company's bank account from your side. You need not to give us your personal information as a
card number, exp date or CV to use this type of transfer. As you know you receive the 1099 tax form and all
Company’s transfers will be excluded as your personal income.
To work through Credit Card transfer way you have to inform your supervisor the following details
1) the name of your credit card company (Bank name only)
2) the amount of your credit line (it allows us to calculate a monthly purchasing budget )
3) the amount of your unpaid balance (it allows us to know how many your can get from our
company as first money transfer)
To receive the first money transfer you need to send us: I have a XXXXX credit card with credit
line of $8,300 and unpaid balance/debt of $7,200. I would like to work under Option #1 (we accept any
financial institution: Bank of America, Chase, Capital One, Citi, Discover, Wells Fargo and other banks and
credit unions).
The minimum transfer amount is $1,500; the maximum depends on your credit line. You are able to use several
credit cards (3 or 5 or 7 or more) for money transfer(s).
The company pays additional commissions from credit card transaction which allows you make more
money during probation period. The commission rate table is listed below.
We can help you to pay your credit card debt as compensation and additional benefits. As company has no regular
package of benefits like sick leave, life and health insurance, and pension plan we can offer you a commissions
program which helps you to pay off your personal debts. You can use your own credit card for job and take care
about your own debt. The commission rate is listed below.
NOTE! You are able to use a regular credit card only. No debit/checking/prepaid cards are allowed.
Please review the Credit Card Transfer Example file sent to you to get more information about operation.
If you have no credit cards then please

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