Information on romance scams and scammers.
#91927 by Grunt Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:53 am
uid 5460036565
Peterson D
Tagline: hi everyone
Member Since: November 2, 2011
Gender: Male
Location: Amstelveen, Netherlands
Age: 47
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Friends, Dating, Serious Relationship
Languages: English, Deutsch
Ethnicity: Caucasian/White

...came across your profile ... add me [email protected] ...
uid 35867658
peterson darlington
47, Male, Single
Beverly, Kansas

To [email protected]
Opened 2012/03/24
Location Lagos, Nigeria (86% likelihood)
Opened on (

#91929 by Grunt Sat Mar 24, 2012 9:20 am
email address leads to
uid 100002982195016
Katty Moore
private profile


pic shows nude model Emma O'Neil

and here
uid 100002071532256
Nevena Nancy Mary
uses also this pic
stolen from
Nevena Tepic
24 from New South Wales, Australia
Model, Actor, Dancer

also in her FB album
uid 100001238954514
Sheril Clement
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Image Image

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