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#92117 by Con Warner Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:55 am
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Also using email addresses [email protected] and [email protected]
Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Swift Networks Limited
City: Lagos
Country of Origin: Nigeria

From: derk larry <[email protected]>
Date: , March 19, 2012 at 11:11 AM
To: Con Warner

Thanks for the swift mail response and interest on my job offer, My
name once again. DERK LARRY a Certified Payroll
Specialist(CPS)LSN/223/2182/2883 I am a disable man from New York and
I use to encounter a lot of stress when going about my daily payroll
activities because I work as a chartered payroll specialist for many
companies, and I have to work hard to make my money because nobody
want to help me or employ a disable man in a wheel chair like me so
that is why I set up my own payroll business and I want to employ
anybody as my data entry typist from home, you could be a
receptionist, data entry typist, a clerk, a stay at home mom, a
student or anybody who has a computer experience with a computer
connected with internet at home who want to work on a part time basis
and earn extra income, I required a person who will be honest,
trustworthy and able to work from home, and who will also handle the
printing of letters, notes and checks with the data information of
people on payroll list of each company I work for and I will handle
the UPS, Fedex or DHL account label which will be made for you to
dispatch the letters, notes and checks to various destinations,I have
a brother that use to help me before but he now gain admiration to
University and don't have the time again so I will like to know if you
will be trustworthy enough to entrust mine and my clients company's
vital information and signatory with you, please I want you to be sure
that I will be paying you $1,300 monthly salary for a start, if you
performed very well, I will increase your salary to $1,500 as time
goes on, please get back to me today to know your interest and if you
don't have the materials, I can send you money to purchase all the
materials including a computer with internet connection, so if you are
ready, then you will need the following materials to start the job:

1) A computer system at home with internet connection.
2) You will buy Versa-Check Gold 2008 software. It will come with 150
blank checks so you might not be buying blank check anymore
3) You will buy Versa-Ink NanoT 4X Life MICR Ink - 94MX Black
4) You will buy Versa-jette M400 Print, Copy, Scan Inkjet Printer
5) You will buy Standard Voucher Check Envelope For use with business
or voucher size checks. 3-9/16 H x 8-3/4W, 250 quantity.
6) You will buy Business-size checks 250

You can email me back as soon as possible and I will let you know when
to start working from the comfort of your home at the most convenient
time for you. I got your contact from Chambers of Commerce Leads and
i would like to know more about you and be rest Assured that this is
Legitimate .I would really like to tell names of few companies i work
for but it's in-proper to disclose such information knowing fully well
that we haven't started working . So till then after registration you
will get to know which and which companies i work for as their payroll
specialist . The question is can i trust my business into your hands ?
Though i sure would be monitoring all activities , but if you can't
get the materials and you are willing to do this job , I will send you
some money for you to buy the materials, your salary will be paid
through wire transfer ,Paycheck , Money order Or Western union at the
end of each working month. I can make arrangement for Good Laptop for
you through a friend if you don't have a computer and don't think you
will have to pay back because it is for performing the task of the job
offered , so please if you are really ready for the job, you can just
let me have your details to know who am working with and to send you a
check to buy the materials needed, Get back to me with,

**Full Names :
**Physical Address :
**City ;
**Zip Code :
***Tel :
**Gender :
**AGE ;
**SEX ;
**email address
**Your current or recent job:

Do respond as soon as you can , so i can know how to proceed with
sending funds for the materials to you, I have to take care of some
business in Utah. but that does not affect my job or the job position
I have available for you, I will provide you with more information
when the materials needed is ready please do have a nice day....

NOTE: If you don't have the materials,I will send you the money needed
to buy the items, Awaiting your response
Yours Sincerely

This scammer offers employment out of the blue. Ask yourself what employer would give you a job offer and money upfront without meeting you?

The scam is to print fake cheques and send them to other victims.
This would make you party to financial crime and printing fake cheques carries a prison sentence.

Email: [email protected]

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