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#9314 by Angel17 Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:54 pm
The third one in 2 weeks... :?

Have also two photos from her, but I am not able to post them in here ????? :oops:

Name: Miss Slyvia - [email protected]
i really want to meet with my love and person that will show me love ok.
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Her message to me:
From: love30 To: xxxxxx Sent Date: Apr 28, 2009, 10:39 am Subject:
My name is Miss slyvia ,saw your profile today and became interested in you, I will also like to know you the more, and I want you to send an email to my email address so I can give you my picture for you to know whom I am. Here is my email address [email protected]) I believe we can move from here. I am waiting for your mail to my email address above (Remember the distance or colour does not matter but love matters a lot in life
Yours Love

I wrote:
Hi Slyvia

Para:[email protected]
Will also like to know more about you. You can write to me at this e-mail address. Thanks,

Her reply:
I really need your love and trust.
Slyvia Love <[email protected]>
Descargar todos | lovejoy.jpg (33KB); love.jpg (3KB); joy.jpg (41KB)

My Dear,

I am more than happy in your reply to my email and very happy to write to you once again. How was your day today?

Mine a little hot over here in Dakar Senegal.My name is Slyvia Debah (23 years) single and never married, i am from Sudan in Africa and presently i am residing in the refugee camp here in Dakar Senegal as a result of the war in my country.

My late father Engr.Rufus U. Debah was the chief executive of the oil marketers and also the managing director (DUO IRON AND STEEL COMPANY LTD),in South Darfur of my country,and he was also the chairman of (REMDOX CONSTRUCTION COMPANY) before the rebels attacked our house one early morning and killed my mother and my father in a cold blood.
It was only me that is alive now and i managed to make my way to a nearby country Senegal where i am living now as a refugee.

Honestly my condition here in the refugee camp is quite unbearable and i am sick and tired of staying here any longer.
Therefore I wish to share with you in confidence that before the incident took place, there was a certain amount of money totalling $6.5 M USD ( Six million five hundred thousand US dollars),which my late father deposited in one of the leading bank out of my country which i am the next of kin before he met his untimely death which claim the life of all my family.

Meanwhile all my relatives has ran away and there are no where to be found.
Moreover,i wanted to facilitate this agreement by myself, but due to my refugee
status, I wish to seek for your assistance of a long standing relationship of your help in transfering this my late fathers money into your account in your country pending my arrival to you to start a new life over there, because my condition here is terrible.

Perhap's I disclosed this to you alone by love and trust which i deposed in you
and wish the same from you.

Therefore, I shall give you the bank contact and other neccessary informations
in my next email if you will only promise me that you will not/never betray and disclosed this matter to anybody, because, this money is the only
hope i have for survival on earth since I have lost my parents.
Moreover I have the FUND PLACEMENT CERTIFICATE and the DEATH CERTIFICATE here with me, but before I give you further information,I will like to know your data;

1.Your full names
2.Your contact and residential address.

Meanwhile,you can reach me by the help of the pastor, Rev. Peter Godswill , he is the pastor of the (HOPE OF GLORY CHURCH) in the camp here.So if you wish to
speak with me, call the phone number of the pastor ( +221 76 870 49 27),and Email( [email protected])

Just tell him that you want to speak with me, he will then send for me in the female hostel.
Awaiting to hearing from you soonest.

Yours ever,
Miss Slyvia

Email Sender IP address location & IP address info:
IP address [?]: [Copy] [Whois]

IP address country: Senegal

IP address state: n/a
IP address city: n/a
IP address latitude: 14.000000
IP address longitude: -14.000000
ISP of this IP [?]:
Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senega
Organization: Societe Nationale Des Telecommunications Du Senega

#9315 by The Enchantress Wed Apr 29, 2009 2:04 pm
Photo of Scammer Miss Slyvia - [email protected]


Thank You for posting this information Angel17. It will alert and save others from being scammed.

Well Done :=)

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#10103 by irishrover Sat May 30, 2009 12:33 pm
Two more email addresses to watch, with DEKAR Refugee Camp as a base, father attacked by enemy: father high-government official, USD6.5 million.

This scammer is in the early stages of this long-winded scheme.

Email Addresses:

[email protected]
[email protected]

Natuarally, I have contacted her bank (Clydesdale)!!!, and she's grateful, in love, cant' wait to be with me (She (or it), is quite pretty in a scamming sort of way)!!!

Two separate photos received (different females)! Can't decide which one I like better??

One of which looks remarkably live Miss Sylvia

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