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#9570 by wingfldk Mon May 11, 2009 9:37 pm
I was scammed by this company. Wanting to move I wanted a loan to pay off all my debts and lower my payments and have enough money to move on. I applied on line for this loan and was contacted my Jake Tanner and was approved all I had to do was pay 1290 dollars and would not have any payments for 3 months of the loan. I wired the money to a Christina Smith in Kingston Ontario via moneygram and they would direct deposit my 15000 dollars into my account. The same evening I was told that due to my credit I would need to send another 600 dollars which I did. Again no money they wanted more money so I informed them that I would not send anymore money and wanted a refund of my money. I was told that it would be deposited into my account by one person and then told by Jake that this was not possible it would be fedexed out in one week. Two weeks later and two bogus fedex numbers later I was told that it had been sent to the wrong address and returned to them and it would be sent out USPS in two weeks. I just called them again today (2 weeks later) and finally got someone to answer the phone and was informed Jake was fired and was asked it he could be of help (whoever he was) I informed him of who I was and what I wanted and he told me that it would be two years before I could get my refund and I told him that this was crap and I was tired of being scammed and I was not going to call them every week for the next two years for my money. He then started be a jerk saying it could be 15 years and that he was tired of me calling. He then called me Christina (the person I wired my money to) and told me to stop calling. I also asked him where they were located and he told me it was none of my business. Their orignal website said that they were located in Arlington TX which turned out to be a bogus address.
They have two websites. One of them http://hillcroftfinanciallending.com/Home_Page.html is the one I used and has not changed. The number I called and still call is 866-989-4615 ext 800. The other page is http://hillcroftlendinggroup.com/home and they have changed it twice in two months. It was Hillcroft Lending Group, then State Credit Union and now it is Silver Star Lending. I reported them to the TX BBB but because it was a bogus address all they can do is to keep it on their page as being reported. The testimonals on the hillcroftfinanciallending page was taken from another site http://www.texcorp.com/testimonials.cfm and so I reported this to the TexCorp Morgage and they are investigating also, but things do not look good. I reported them for Internet Fraud and the last I heard from one of our City Officers was that it was being investigated by a state Trooper.
I am not giving up on this. If I can not get my money back I will see these people in jail. From what I have read here they have a pretty good network of fraudulant companies.

#9571 by Jillian Mon May 11, 2009 9:59 pm
Hi wingfldk and welcome here. I'm sorry to hear you were a victim to this scam. We've seen quite a few loan scam victims in the past several months.
Thank you for posting the sites. Harvest Moon has compiled a list of advance fee loan scam sites which is posted here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2034

We can pass the sites over to experts and investigating and reporting them to their hosters at our sister site, 419Eater.com.

Please take steps to secure any of your information that has been compromised and could put you at risk of identity theft. You can find some very good information on defending yourself here: http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/

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