Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#97609 by KennyC Sat Apr 21, 2012 10:48 pm
Hello ,

My name is Mr Robert Am 52 years old and am looking for a competent cleaner for my son,

See below:

1, Watch Dishes
2,Bathroom and kitchen scrubbing
3,Sweep and mop floors
4,Take out trash and dust
5,Clean ceiling fans/vents


Am willing to pay $300 for your services and you are

only working two times a week which is Monday and

Thursday kindly get in touch if interested and make sure

you provided the informations below:

Full names
Postal code
Direct phone number to reach you,

Best Regards.

Then here comes the part about becoming a cheque mule, cashing checks for the scammer and sending the money on to the scammer by Western Union or Moneygram untraceably.
The check will then bounce and the bank will want their money back - from you.
Or if it's by bank transfer, then money scammed out of other innocent parties will be placed temporarily in your account, then sent to the scammer. When the bank/law enforcement discovers the fraud and your apparent complicity.... well I believe that's a felony, conspiracy-to-defraud charge.

I am about to send your information to one of my client to issue the payment on my behalf to both of you and i shall get back to you when you will get the payment is that ok,Pls You are to resume to work by 1st of May cos my son will be discharged from the hospital by 25th so i will forward across to you with the house details and infor you need to know ,Besides Can i trust you with my money ?If yes kindly get back cos am a busy business man which i can ask any of my client to make payment to you on my behalf and it can be inform of checks or bank transfer .So if yes i can trust you i will definitely ask one of my client to make the payment this week.and am willing to give you 10% of any payment received through you ok

Get back today both of you ,

Best Regards.


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